Germany – Day 3 – Exploring Rothenburg

Kevin and I were both awake at 4.45am, which is a pretty normal time for us. We were able to watch the day come to life outside on our balcony.

I worked on yesterdays blog post and enjoyed a few cups of green tea (with my new hot water maker) and at 9am we went to the hotel to have breakfast. Such a great spread. We were very impressed and it suited us perfectly. The bread roll was one of the best I’ve ever had.

After breakfast we all met up and headed into town to visit St. Jakobs (Lutheran) Church, which dates back to 1514.

It was one impressive church (and we’ve seen quite a few). The high vaulted ceilings were amazing. Amy actually toured around here with us so she could learn from her Dad – which made the both of us very happy.

While we were waiting for everyone to finish here Kevin & Amy bought some kind of cake pop from a nearby shop. I sampled both and they were pretty good.

Next on the itinerary was a Christmas Shop, which for a Christmas lover like me was absolutely amazing. There is a museum attached but we spent of all our time in the shop :-).

Once we realized we could ship everything home I had a bit of a shopping spree and I got a few gorgeous homemade German things to add to my Christmas decor collection.

At 12.30pm it was time to have lunch. Today the weather was even better than yesterday and reached a high of 24 mid-late afternoon. This meant that we could enjoy lunch in the Beirgarten again.

Kevin & I both had this delicious mushroom (gnocchi that looks like worms type thing) in a bread bowl. It did come with a bread lid which made the presentation a bit nicer.

After lunch it was time for everyone (except for me & two of the teachers) to visit the Medieval Crime Museum. Torture is one thing I can’t stand to watch/hear about so I decided it would be best to skip this or I’d be thinking about it for the next few days. Some people have a phobia of snakes or spiders, I have a phobia about torture!

Kevin thought it was okay ( he’d seen better) but he was impressed with this papal decree from 1256.

What did I do while everyone was learning about medieval torture? I went shopping :-).

When we all met up again we went to see the oldest house in Rothenburg. So amazing that it’s still standing and is over 700 years old.

We had a bit of free time before meeting for dinner, so Kevin and I went in search of tea/coffee and a snow ball. They are called schneeballen in German but Kevin & I can never remember the name and I started calling them schnoodles (which we later realized is a schnauzer/poodle!).
We went to a different place this time and Kevin was relieved to have a proper coffee.

As we were walking back Kevin decided he want to have an icecream. So we got the smallest scoop of cherry cream. I enjoyed the icecream, but not the cone.

We ended up having a short break back in the room before meeting up for a “debriefing & quizz” and then heading to dinner. We ate at the hotel again and had tomato soup, salad and then veggie kebabs. Unfortunately the kebab wasn’t very nice – the veggies were rather mushie – but I did enjoy some of the potatoes.

I didn’t care much for the dessert either (it was okay but I wasn’t going to eat it just because) but Kevin did and ate half of mine as well as his own.

After dinner it was back to the town square for our tour with the Nightwatchman.

He was great. Very entertaining and we learnt a lot as well. Plus Kevin had fun taking lots of photos in the evening light. So here’s some last photos of our time in this beautiful city. I definitely hope to return again one day.

Oh, and I just have to say how proud I am of my daughter (and her best friend) who have befriended a blind girl who on this trip (and had been hanging out with the teachers so far). She’s a couple of years older than them but they seem to be having lots of fun together. They are the only two in the whole group who made any effort to include her. Amy actually helped guide her on this night tour. Anyway, that’s my proud Mummy moment of the day.

I was so tired by the end of the tour and not feeling the best. Plus I had very sore legs (walking on cobblestones is hard on the calves!) so it was straight back to our room and into bed. I think I read for a whole two minutes :-).

Tomorrow : We head out on our own, pick up a hire car and visit our first German castle.

5 thoughts on “Germany – Day 3 – Exploring Rothenburg

  1. Absolutely lovely city,like you said it’s like a city in a fairytale. All the food looks very appetizing, maybe a few too many calories.The girl who is blind had a lot of publicity here. An article on the news, and a write up in the paper, she seemed like a really nice person. I just assumed a schoolmate would be her guide. Good on Amy and Harriette, showing people with disabilities that people do care. Fiona would be very proud.xxxx

  2. Lovely to hear about your trip and the wonderfulness of your daughter Amy and her friend. You deserve to be proud of her efforts and kindness to help another friend on the trip. thanks for keeping us informed of all that you are doing.
    Julie in Geraldton WA

  3. Hi Libby, Just thought I’d share something with you. Amelia was looking at some of your photos and said “That looks just like Disneyland”. I had to remind her, no, Disneyland looks like Germany!
    And kudos to Mum and Dad for bringing up a caring person. I would be very proud too.

  4. Wow, that church looks amazing and that old house, you can just imagine people living there hundreds of years ago. The food looks lovely, especially the treats. Loving all the pics.

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