Germany Day 10 – Regrouping and around Berlin

I woke this morning feeling somewhat better (and relieved to be no worse) after a good nights sleep. I wrote up yesterdays blog while watching the fish swim by :-). We took our time this morning and eventually packed up and checked out (leaving our luggage to be stored) at 9am. First up was trying to find some breakfast. Which proved to be a challenge as though lots of places were set up and had breakfast menus, no where was open. It took some searching before we finally found a coffee shop and got some breakfast. Well, Kevin had an apple tart (which I’m not sure counts). I had a bagel with cheese & salad – which was very tasty.

Kevin was keen to do an open top bus tour (even though we’re doing a city tour tomorrow with the group).

Unfortunately when we got on the ONLY two seats together was downstairs at the back, in a cramped little spot where we had to lean forward so the headphones didn’t fall out. Then we got stuck in traffic. It was really quite the comedy of errors and we had a good laugh.

We weren’t planning to hop off as most of the important places, like the Brandenberg Gate, we’re seeing tomorrow.

Eventually some people got off and we were able to move upstairs, which made things a whole lot nicer.

One of the stops turned out to be the Jewish Museum which Kevin had wanted to visit.

Hmm.. let’s just say this wasn’t what we were expecting at all. And was definitely much to arty for our understanding.

I think it’s safe to say it was more art museum than a learning museum.

After a brief walk around (we were there about an hour) we left, feeling rather disappointed and glad we hadn’t made a trip here just to see it. We did luck out though and saw a Golden as we walked across the road to the bus.

It was a rather LONG bus trip around the city and much of the city is a building site (so not always the prettiest). But I did see one of the bears (like what we bought on the cruise last year)

And we got to watch the police booking some cyclists (I think for riding where they should have been walking their bikes).

It was getting on towards the time when the group would be arriving so we quickly found some lunch – Happy Noodles today. And they were indeed happy and rather yummy.

We then went back to the hotel to collect our luggage and catch a taxi to meet up with the group. So it was goodbye to this…

and hello to this…

And with perfect timing the group was waiting out the front when we pulled up. Amy seemed happy to see us, which was nice.
Okay, now are you ready for the tour of our room (after Kevin carried both the suitcases up 4 flights of stairs – because the wait for the lift was too long)?

What do you think? Not quite what we had last night. Oh, and I didn’t show you the view yet.
No fish here unfortunately.

Actually I don’t think it will be too bad, just a shock after what we’ve been enjoying. It will be noisy no doubt as this is a huge youth hostel, full of lots of groups. After dropping off our luggage it was straight back out to catch the train. This was somewhat of an adventure I tell you. Firstly the teachers had to buy tickets for 35 people and you could only get 4 at time. We ended up in two groups. We were with the second group and just before we got on the train a student appeared (one we thought had got on the first train – but no, he was sitting down by himself). He was one lucky kid I tell you. I did get to make a friend on this trip and got some puppy kisses.

Our group had also got on a train heading the wrong direction, but eventually we made it to the Legoland Discovery Center.

This place would be fantastic for primary school and belo,w but amazingly enough all the high school kids seemed to have a good time.

Kevin and I enjoyed some ice cream.

We also watched a 4D lego movie (in German) and Kevin made a new friend.

At 6pm it was time to leave and head back on the trains to our hostel.

Time for some dinner. Definitely feels like we’re at camp now :-).

The vegetarian meal was the same as everyone else – less the meat :-(. It was okay for one night but hope it’s not the norm. The food was actually rather nice and it was good to load up on some veggies.

Then it was back to our room to hopefully get some sleep. It’s really stuffy with the window closed but noisy with it open!!

Tomorrow : Exploring Berlin (again) and a visit to a Museum

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  1. The hostel doesn’t look as bad as I thought it might, but what’s it been like staying there? Love the look of the ice cream bites, they look very yummy. What I’ve noticed about Germany is that everything looks clean, the streets, the cafes. Oh and my boys would love Lego land, how cool!

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