Germany Day 18 – Munich and Allianz Arena

Today Kevin & I managed to be awake at 5am – which is probably the earliest this whole holiday. Thank goodness we have free wifi in our room. And the noise from the bar didn’t disturb Kevin at all (he didn’t even hear it) and I managed to get to (and stay) sleep okay.
Another usual breakfast. Don’t feel like bread rolls and cheese any more but still force myself to eat it so I’ve had something. It’s still delicious, I’m just so over it.
Our day began with a tram ride…

into the city center center, where we went on a guided walking tour of the old city. The only part of the old city walls left are these gates.

The tour was good, but not great. But that might have been because there was one guide and 37 people.
We saw inside this gorgeous church from the early Baroque period. But like many other German towns, 80% was destroyed in WWII, so isn’t actually original – sure does look it though.

The old town is really gorgeous. Lots of old-looking buildings and nice, modern shops.

There was a great brail map of the city, which was the first real interactive thing we’d seen for Kim.

And there was the place that the Nazi party really got started.

The stunning Opera House – built after the French Revolution so that more people could enjoy the opera (not just a few of the elite)

More lovely buildings, which people actually live in.

And the amazing City Hall where we arrived right on 11am to see the glockenspiel – which might have been the height of entertainment once, but these days not so much.

After our guided tour ended we went to the markets – which is apparently the place to get food. And there were certainly lots of food places.

We made a fabulous choice. And while it was pretty cool out (only about 10 deg) it was still lovely sitting in the fresh air.

I started with a nice hot cup of tea.

Which was served with yummy caramelized sugar rocks.

I chose the most delicious potato pancakes I’ve ever had.

Kevin (and Harriet) had Goulash – with spicy sausages and big chunks of potato – as per Kevin’s description.

We had a bit of free time so we explored some shops.

And saw this Jackcow – Micheal Jackson cow – too cute.

And we found this shop selling the BEST German chocolate. We actually had to make a return trip a bit later as Kevin wanted to buy some more. I love the name and logo.

Love how lots of the outdoor cafes have blankets to help keep you warm.

We met up with the group and spotted our first Golden for the day. Too cute. Kevin went across the road to get a photo and he got to pat him.

We then had free time for shopping – yay!!! We set off with the girls but split up with them after H&M, where I bought some things for Christy. Then Kevin and I ended up splitting up as well. I found a cosmetic store called Douglas. I also visited Swarovski and bought a gift.

Kevin visited the Apple store (which I had spotted earlier).

We then had a walk back to the Opera House square where we got a coach out to the Allianz Arena.

There was a special meeting place for our group.

The tour was pretty good – even for us non-Soccer (Football) fans. The stadium is rather impressive.

It holds about 70,000 and the season is always sold out before it even starts.

We got to the see the teams changing rooms.

And the tunnels that they run through out onto the pitch.

While we enjoyed the tour, it would be fantastic if you were a fan of the main team that plays here.

There was also a museum but Kevin & I opted to sit and have snack break. But those in the group that are soccer fans had a fabulous time.

There was also THE most amazing supporters shop. Made me wish I was a supporter so I could buy something. There was something for everyone. Kevin even spotted dog food/water bowls!

Loved the shadow painting on the wall showing the way out.

From here we had a slow trip back to the hostel, due to traffic. Dinner tonight was surprisingly good. Spaghetti with marinara sauce and salad. But I forgot to take a photo.

Tomorrow : Dachau Concentration camp