Germany Day 20 – To the top of Germany

At 9am this morning we set out on a bit of an adventure. Firstly we caught the tram to the train station, where we saw a Golden waiting outside a shop (so well behaved as all the dogs seem to be over here).

I got a tea and we stocked up on supplies, like Kinda chocolate.

Then we boarded the first train. This ride lasted about 1.5 hours.

We then caught a train, bus and a cogtrain to get up Zugsptze – the tallest mountain in Germany.

It was actually hailing when we arrived but it didn’t last long. And we were all rugged for the cold (even wearing thermals) but it was actually pretty warm, especially when the sun popped out.

Ready for some photos?

It was so pretty.

Absolutely breathtaking.

As you can see Kevin had lots of fun.

He even went out and joined a snow ball fight with the kids.

We then caught the cable car up to the very top.

Where we got to enjoy even more views – you can see where we just were down the bottom of the photo.

We then went to have lunch at Germany’s highest restaurant.

We didn’t have a lot of time so luckily lunch came out really quickly. I had spinach & fetta dumplings with creamed spinach. It tasted better than it looked :-).

We had a quick look in the gift shop then got the cable car back down.

Then it was time to get on the cog train for the first part of the journey home. I’m not sure why, but Kevin decided to buy us an ice cream.

We travelled back by cog train, bus and train (this should have all been by cog-train but part of the track was being repaired). Pretty countryside to be enjoyed.

I’d love to know what all these little huts in the fields for. Do any of my German readers know?

We then caught our final train back to Munich, where we had a bit of free time at the train station. Amy, Harriet and I made a bee line for Accessorize 🙂

We then walked to the old town where we had dinner.

Unfortunately this wasn’t a great experience for Amy & I because it was a buffet, 70% of which was meat, and the other 30% bread and salad (both of which we are pretty sick of). I ended up having 2 small rolls. And some apple strudel for desert.

We then walked back to catch or tram back to the hotel and off to bed.

**This post has not be checked but I wanted to get it posted before we head off on our flight home.

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  1. I think this little cabins are for storing hay or something else the farmers cut from the fields. But I’m not really sure.

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