Saturday morning walk

On Saturday morning, we had to drop Amy in town, so we took the opportunity to do our normal longer Saturday morning walk by the beach. Even though it’s late Autumn, it was absolutely glorious out.

We had planned to do our walk first, then let the dogs have a play at the beach, but Bailey was not having that.


While Bailey ran in the water and all over the beach, Rosie got busy digging a big hole.


By the time she finished the hole was almost as big as she is.


Once we tuckered them out a bit we went on our walk. I haven’t been here for probably a year – which really is a crime since it’s only 15mins from our home.


There was not a single cloud in the sky today.


Don’t we live in a gorgeous part of the world?



This is the main harbour where lots of people like to picnic. We used the bring the girls here a lot when they were younger.



Do you have a special place like this close to home that you hardly ever visit?

One thought on “Saturday morning walk

  1. We hope to have lots of these places on the gold coast that we will visit often.
    5 weeks until the movers are here. It’s getting closer.

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