It’s a puppy party

On Friday Bailey turned 5 and on Monday Rosie turns 7, so on Sunday we had a puppy party. Only people were invited but the pups had lots of fun getting new toys, and eating treats.

Rosie picked out which toy she wanted…



Bailey got the remaining one….


There were treats from Nan….



And party food for the guests….all made and organised by Amy….





Christy made special dog bones for the pups…. Don’t they look great?


And check out the cute cards from Nan & Granny…


We’re lucky these two have birthdays so close to one another. With our first two Goldies we always remembered Sam’s birthday (the day before Kevin’s), but always forgot Belle’s. But we’ve really only started using their birthdays as an excuse to have a little party in more recent years. If you have pets do you celebrate their birthdays?


4 thoughts on “It’s a puppy party

  1. Looks like the party was enjoyed by all. We have the same coffee mug, I’m drinking coffee from it as I type.

  2. Aw Happy Birthday to the Bailey and Rosie! What a great job Amy did of organising things, looks like a fun time. We have a cat and no we don’t really celebrate, just give him extra pats and treats.

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