The week that was

It was the week of lovely morning walks….

IMG_5318.jpg IMG_5314.jpg

and it was the week of a walk in the rain….

IMG_5329.JPG IMG_5331.JPG

It was the week when just a few days later we enjoyed a long Saturday walk and it was warm enough for the pups to enjoy a swim…

IMG_5357.jpg IMG_5355.jpg IMG_5360.jpg

And it was the week of rainbows….

IMG_5343.jpg IMG_5342.jpg

It was the week it finally turned cold enough to need the heater on in the afternoon….


and it was the week I swapped my Summer and Winter wardrobe (video & blog coming soon)….


It was the week of purple nails… China Glaze Grape Pop

China Glaze Grape Pop

and Sephora by OPI I Don’t Bite….


It was the week of a new pup in the house….


And it was the week I loved how they were sleeping in the same positions….


Though Bailey had his head under the glass panel and didn’t look too comfortable….


My weeks have been pretty quiet and uneventful, which means I’m getting a fair bit done around the house and settling into a nice daily routine. Do you have a daily routine or every day different from the next?

2 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. I am a daily routine kind of person although having a 3 year old around can upset that at any given time though! How was Bailey comfy there? So funny.

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