A Day in My Life – 31st May, 2013

For the first time ever I’ve done a video day in my life.


Please let me know what format you prefer to see here on my blog.


5 thoughts on “A Day in My Life – 31st May, 2013

  1. Libby, it was a great way to blog a day in your life! I don’t know how you had the patience to keep filming all day and do everything one handed though.

    I love your doggies and seeing them interact with you shows up their personalities so well. Bailey sure loves his food.

  2. Ha Ha, my chickens used to wait at the back door when it was dinner time. My dogs love salad and fruit too and I love how your dogs are such a big part of your lives (ours are too). Ive enjoyed your vlog thanks for sharing your day with us. Ive had computer problems the lat few weeks so Im still catching up with your trip , hopefully catch up on the weekend.

  3. Libby you live in a beautiful part of NSW, that’s for sure. Stunning to see where you walk.

    Most mornings I walk around the sooty muddy Cooks River. I’m jealous!

  4. libby, i loved watching this! i love how you take the time to enjoy the fine moments of an ordinary day (the dogs, tea times, lush products). you just don’t seem to stress at all. i love that! i have always loved your written day in the life posts but i could totally get used to these! my only comment is that sometimes you are difficult to hear (could be my american ears though too!). driving on that side of the road looks SCARY but i know it’s normal to you. i love how the dogs wait for kevin’s command to eat!! so cute! and your food is all simple but looks delicious. tell me exactly what’s in this everyday salad. …. yum. i so want to come to the other side of the world to visit! btw you look young and pretty! xo

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