Another year older & Surgery Update

This week I turned another year older. SinceĀ  we celebrated with a family lunch on Sunday it was a pretty low key day. And due to having surgery on Wednesday, I had to get the whole house cleanedĀ  and in order. Not that I mind as I am enjoying cleaning (now that I can again). I hadn’t planned it but decided to film another day in my life.

On Wednesday I had a green smoothie at 8am before embarking on a 6 post-op fast. The food didn’t worry me, but it was SOOO hard not drinking water or tea.


I kept busy through the morning with uniform shop, a bit of shopping and a whole lot of cooking – which was a pretty odd thing to do while fasting. But I then had a lot of prepared foods, chopped veggies and dinner ready. At 1.30pm Kevin came home and took me to the hospital.


Eventually Kevin left (had to get the girls from school) I was taken into the pre-op ward and got into my gown and into bed.


When I realized I was going to be waiting for quite some time a got out my bag (first time using it and I’m in LOVE)….


and read through this magazine I had picked up earlier in the day.


I hardly ever go into newsagents any more but I’m glad I did. This magazine is awesome. I folded all the pages with recipes I want to make :-). If you’re into eating heathy make sure you check out this mag. It’s also available for the ipad.


Finally around 4pm (I think) I was taken through for my surgery. The doctors and staff were so nice and friendly. I don’t get nervous at all but if you did, they would put you at ease. Then quick as a flash I was waking up in recovery. I came out of this general so well (compared to past experiences) – I think because of the dose given. It was into the recovery ward for a sandwich and a longed for tea. I was chomping at the bit to go home so I was allowed to get dressed and wait in the waiting area. There was a time I couldn’t leave before, but I think I might have gotten an early mark when Kevin arrived.




Surprisingly I have suffered very little pain, and have just taken a few panedine. I have been taking it easy though and getting the girls to do more for me. Unfortunately Kevin fell of his push bike yesterday and his twisted his knee quite badly, so I don’t think he’s going to be much help for me.

I go next week to have the stitches taken out and I believe I’m going to have a bit of a zigzag scar. In the meantime I have a bandage and an X marking the shoulder to be operated on – not that you’d have missed the lumpy carcinoma.


It was my first time having day surgery and I was honestly pleasantly surprised at the whole experience, even though it seems so weird to leave hospital right after an operation!

5 thoughts on “Another year older & Surgery Update

  1. I am so sorry to hear you had to have surgery. I hope you are feeling better soon and that your results are clear. I’ve had a few day surgeries including gall bladder and ovarian cyst just last year. It does seem strange to get up and walk out within acouple of hours of the op. I think its down to keyhole surgery mainly as it reduces the recovery time. Hope you are up and about soon. Hope Kevin’s knee feels better soon also.

  2. Belated birthday wishes, Libby. You shouldn’t have to clean your house on your birthday, but with surgery on the Wed I understand why you did!

    Hope the shoulder is healing well.

    Love how Rosie and Bailey seem to follow you around all day, whatever you’re doing – so faithful.

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