The Week that Was

It was the week that I turned another year older and the week I had day surgery and spent the rest of the week not doing very much. Some birthday presents from my Mum & Dad….

It was the week I took a sick Fudgie the Budgie to the vets. Unfortunately he passed away a few days later during a second visit to the vets….

It was the week Amy made this cake for a friends birthday….


And it was the week Christy gave me a delightful pedicure….

It was the week of trip to Sydney… where we scored this awesome carspot right by the entry/exit…

and where we went to see the musical Jesus Christ Superstar arena spectacular….

We were nice and close to the stage, which was wonderful.

Nan, Pop and the girls were with us. Everyone loved it. It is Kevin’s favourite musical and stars Tim Minchin (one of his favourite comedians) so he was pretty happy.

I wasn’t quite sure what Christy would make of it but she enjoyed it, once I pointed out who Jesus was :-).


If you get the chance and love musicals, make sure you see it. I loved the modern interpretation.

It was the week of sparkly blue nails…. love this colour that Kevin chose for Amy’s birthday….

and was the week it was cold enough for Bailey to curl up in a ball….

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  1. We saw JCS on Sunday & were in row 3, it was a bit dark in places & not how I remembered it but we loved it all the same….Thought that Tim, Jon, Ben & Mel C were amazing & I thought Andrew O’keefe gave the light relief that was needed. But I do love him anyway.

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