A Day in my Life – 14th June, 2013

Sorry if I seem to be neglecting my little blog. With taking it easy post surgery and spending more time on YouTube, I don’t seem to have very much to share in this space. I’ve been doing more daily vlogs on my YouTube channel but didn’t want to neglect those of you who prefer blogs to vlogs, so here’s my normal bi-monthly day in my life.

After my normal morning routine I headed off on a walk about 8am. I’m using a new hands-free technique by attaching the leads to my dog walking belt. I started it so they didn’t pull while my shoulder is still weak, but I really like having my hands free.



After our walk I fed Charlie and drove Christy up to school.


I had to back in time to get tickets for a concert that I’m taking Amy and her friend to in October. Not sure quite I’ve got myself into as it’s a metalcore concert!!!! Oh, well, it will definitely be a new experience for me as the “heaviest” concert I’ve ever been to was David Lee Roth :-).



After I got the tickets I went up to shower and get dressed, then dropped off Christy’s enrolement form for the local high school. We’re still hoping she’ll get into Montessori but at least if she doesn’t she will have a school to attend next year. I have the philosophy that things turn out for a reason and maybe the local school won’t be as bad as we fear :-).


I then headed down to the Mall for a very special treat – a Gloria Jeans Iced Chocolate. I haven’t had one in over a month and thoroughly enjoyed it.


When I got back home I found a rather guilty puppy.


I wonder who could possibly have done this?


I spent some time finishing off the packing that Kevin had started. He leaves for the 2 weeks in the States tomorrow.


I then wanted to work on my Project Life but am still having MAJOR problems with printing my photos so I didn’t get very far :-(.



I had a yummy salad for lunch and watched a bit of YouTube.


Time to bring in some washing. The blankets that I had hung up earlier were already dry.


At 3pm I went to pick up Christy (Amy was on an excursion). She was nice enough to let me have a leftover piece of chocolate brownie that she had taken in for a class party. I enjoyed it with a cup of tea and a chia cookie while editing a Germany Vlog.


Then at 4.15pm Bailey and I headed to Amy’s school to pick her up.


As you can see we were treated to a lovely sunset as we drove home.



Kevin arrived home shortly after we did and got the pups their dinner.


Bailey always like to go out right after he’s eaten and I think he looks like a ghost dog through the glass.


Since we were headed out tonight to watch Amy’s drama performance we decided to have dinner out.


We just went to a fast-food Mexican place in Wollongong. I had a burrito as it was a cold night out (but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the rice bowl I’d had here last time).


We then had a bit of a wait until it was time for the show. Amy did really well and it was an odd, but enjoyable performance.


Back home we all headed to bed as we’ve got an early morning – leaving the house at 6am to take Kevin to the airport.

2 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – 14th June, 2013

  1. ugh, metalcore? you ARE the best mum in the world Libby!

    I’d never heard of pottery barn until out for dinner with friends a couple of months ago. It was a restaurant where everyone sits at one big table, and a guy sat across from me who was some PB marketing bigwig out from the states. Was interesting to hear about the company, but still doesn’t make me want to go shopping 😉

  2. Hi libby ! I prefer yr blog to youtube so thx for blogging.
    Im still here – havent fallen off the face of the earth lol !!

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