Laundry Room Tidy Up

Last week I finally managed to find a few hours to get my laundry tidied up and decluttered.

There is a video¬† showing the before and during….

and some photos of the after…




A week later it still looks as good and I’m loving having a clean, tidy laundry. Not sure why I really put the job off for so long, esp, as I’m in that room EVERY day.

Do you tend to put off doing jobs, only to wonder why once you get around to it?

2 thoughts on “Laundry Room Tidy Up

  1. I have quite a big laundry as well and find it becomes the dumping ground for all the excess stuff. i have my donate pile in there, the stuff I want to Ebay, homewares that have no other place to go, the swimming bag etc, etc. i really need to get in and do mine too but it’s a really cold room in Winter so maybe Spring. LOL

  2. Hi Libby – you are a stellar organiser – I’m sure people would happily pay you for your skills if you were of a mind to!. Anyway, your organisation posts are always motivating. My house is full of places crying out for a rehaul, perhaps July is the month to do it.

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