A Day in my Life – 30th June, 2013

Today marks the start of the Tour de France. Ok, it actually started late last night but I always record it and watch as soon as I wake up – which this morning was around 5 am.


I started watching a review of last years race, then went on to watch stage 1.


While I enjoyed some tea and the race, the pups went back to sleep.


Eventually the sun came up and revealed some blue sky, which we haven’t seen in over 8 days!!


I made myself a cheese & pineapple jaffle, and more tea, for breakfast.


And watched with horrified amazement when the Australian team bus got wedged under the finishing line. Love how it’s now known as the Orica Greenwedge bus :-).


Finally after way too many hours watching the race, I finally got myself showered and dressed and headed out with the pups on a walk.


They haven’t been out the last few days due to the rain, so they were pretty excited.


It was lovely down by the lake, but it was very muddy so the dogs didn’t get off for a run.


So nice to see the sun again.


Back home I tried to book tickets to the movies, but it wouldn’t accept my gift cards.


Of course, that meant the movie theatre was going to be super busy!!! I’ve NEVER seen it so crowded (I even had trouble finding a car park) and just as we took our seats the movie started :-).


The girls and I all enjoyed the movie. From the theatre you could see some rain was still about.


We headed back home and I got into some comfy clothes and vegged out on the couch watching YouTube.


while I enjoyed some cheese & crackers.


A few hours later I prepared a very easy dinner (using a packet).


Then the girls and I watched Breaking Dawn Part 2, concluding our Twilight marathon – something we always do when Kevin goes away.


I also painted my nails.


Time for my last night sharing my bed with Christy as Kevin gets home tomorrow morning.

I also filmed this day if you want to check that out.