Sunday date with hubby

On Sunday Kevin and I were lucky enough to have ourselves a date. We left the girls at home (with Nan & Pop next door) and headed up to Sydney. I was so thankful to feeling a lot better, though still not 100%.


We enjoyed lunch with a view, but it was pretty chilly and windy outside….


so we both had a bowl of very yummy vegetable soup to warm us up.


It was an absolutely gorgeous day out (except for the cold wind) and we tried to get some photos outside….



But we ended up heading indoors to get warm…


and enjoy tea/coffee with a sweet treat (to balance out the veggie soup of course)…


So why were we in Sydney? A friend of Kevin’s had bought us tickets to a talk by a National Geographic photographer, to be held in the Sydney Opera House.



Of course, no photos were allowed inside, but the talk was fabulous. So many wonderful stories about his time spent photographing animals, mainly in the arctic. It’s funny because I thought I recognised one of his photos, and I when I got home saw it on the apple screen saver.


Afterwards we headed back home to our girls, and got to see a nice sunset over Wollongong.


It was nice getting to spend some time just the two of us. And it’s something we should definitely do more of.

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  1. That would have been a fabulous day out, what a wonderful talk that would have been. I hope your feeling better Libby.

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