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As promised I’m here to update/inform you of my new focus – WELLNESS. After such a horrible month health wise in July I felt I was stuck in a neverending cycle. Pain lead to not the healthiest meals being prepared & too many snacks being consumed as I felt sorry for myself, which lead to weight gain, which lead to more pain, and so began the cycle again. In desperation I started looking at various programs and ideas in an effort to find the “perfect” one that would have me pain free and losing weight.

As July drew to an end I knew it had to stop, and that I needed to make WELLNESS a priority. Not weight loss, but wellness.  Of course, I know a consequence of wellness will be weight loss but I took the focus away from it. I also started being KIND to myself. If I was in pain, I’d just take a slow walk and not expect too much from myself. When I felt better I’d take the time to make healthy, nutritious meals and snacks. I set a goal to walk the dogs 5 days a week and get in two strength training sessions. I didn’t have to do a BIG workout 6 days a week, which is what I had always thought I had to do.


You know the amazing thing? After just one day eating well (low sugar, additives & preservatives) and nourishing my body with green smoothies & salads, my pain levels went back down. A few days later they were back to normal levels (which unfortunately is not pain free but it’s quite managable). And I felt HAPPY and in control of life and food. It’s now been over 2 weeks with my focus on WELLNESS and I’m feeling great. Slowly, but surely, I’m getting my life & home more in order. I am better able to cope with things. And I’m sure I must be a much better person to be around. Oh, and I’ve lost 3kgs (6.6lbs) as a bonus !!!


So for those of you struggling with your weight or health or inner-self problems, I encourage to change your focus to WELLNESS & being KIND to youself. Afterall I think at the end of the day we all just want to be HAPPY, and it’s pretty hard to achieve without WELLNESS. I do hope you’ll join me on this journey.

I’ve been doing weekly Wellness Wednesday videos on YouTube which you might like to check out.

7 thoughts on “New focus on Wellness

  1. Great post Libby. I have been doing a bit of wellness training myself lately. Eating healthier and exercising most days. Keep up the good work.

  2. Glad to see that your Wellness plan is helping you! Amazing what healthy eating will do for one’s body. I use essential oils in a diffuser when taking a long hot bath (hot not good, I know) by low lamplight and soft music. Like a spa for my mind and soul. It’s a rest ritual and I sleep like a log.

  3. Hi Libby – I think your focus on Wellness above all is on the money, and it’s great to hear you are feeling better for it. I also think that being kind to yourself and listening to your body is so important.

  4. Hi Libby, glad to hear you are feeling better. This post struck such a chord with me. You said “pain lead to not the healthiest meals being prepared”. That has been me for such a long time now. It needs to change. You also said “that it lead you to feeling sorry for yourself”. Lots of that going on over here too. Work causes me to be in pain. With Megan being away at school during the week and not consciously having to make healthy safe meals for her, I have really not made much effort with meals…because I am in constant pain and feeling sorry for myself. I logged on this morning purposely looking for blogs to motivate me to change things. Thank you. your post came at just the right time. I will go and watch your youtube videos on wellness. Thanks again and glad to hear you are feeling so much better.

  5. Hi Libby, I can so relate to your post. I had the same WL surgery as you, but have not been able to loose all my excess weight and with that, I have experienced various health problems since.

    I watched an incredible documentary on You Tube, whilst searching for some juicing recipes. It was made by an Aussie Guy named Joe Cross. It is called ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’. It details his journey to his life transformation.

    This documentary made so much sense to me and I today is Day 20 of my juice fast. I feel absolutely amazing. It’s worth a look anyway.

    I wish you well on your journey.

  6. I have noticed how much better you look in your vlogs in the last few weeks, your skin is glowing and you are laughing again. Your journey over the last six weeks has certainly made me take a look at where I was and I have been making big changes in my life also.

  7. Good post Libby, I am needing to focus on the wellness too for myself and my family. I am joining you on your journey! For me, starting with green smoothies for breakfast and salads for lunch and a light dinner with more walking and riding the bike. We can do it!

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