Wellness Wednesday update

My focus on wellness is going well. I’m enjoying eating lots of healthy foods, getting out for almost daily walks and I achieved my goal of 2 strength workouts. In this weeks video I chatted about the importance of INSPIRATION while on a health & wellness journey. I didn’t always like healthy food and it occurred to me that it was really because of the constant inspiration from blogs (and now Youtube, pinterest and instagram) that I actually tried all the things I now love – like green smoothies and brussel sprouts. So I thought it might a good idea to share some of these sources of INSPIRATION with you all. You can also get inspiration from magazines and books (but I’ll leave them to another blog post).


Carrot n cake

Back to her roots

Clean Cuisine and more

Southern Girl Eats Clean

Julie Malony – Health Coach (Australian)

Beauty that Moves

Your Health. Your Life (Australian)



Healthy Happy Life

Meghan Telpner

Fab Lunch


*** So do you have any sources of inspiration that you turn to? I’m always on the hunt for more :-).






  1. Kathleen Murphy says:

    Hi Libby,
    I’ve just discovered your blog (courtesy of people coming across to my own from this post!). Thanks for the shout out and glad you enjoy reading. I also like looking for health and life inspiration online and in person – there are so many people sharing great information the world over. Plugging into that makes the health journey easier… or at least less lonely 🙂
    Have a lovely Friday,

  2. Paola says:

    Great to hear that your Wellness drive is going well. Just thought I’d let you know about two blogs I really like that focus on veg food – Fat Free Vegan, and 101 Cookbooks. Not everything is my cup of tea, but there is plenty to inspire just the same.

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