A Day in my Life – Wed 28th Aug, 2013

This morning I was up bright and early as you can see. I’ve been getting up around 5am for the last few weeks. As usual I took my pain meds, had a cup of tea and watched youtube.


A bit later I painted my nails.


Amy was sick so staying home from school and Christy was headed off to Canberra for the Year 5/6 camp. She was so excited and happy about her Dad dropping her off at the school.


Unfortunately I still had to go to the school as I had uniform shop. After they left I had my shower and got dressed.


Then made myself some breakfast, which I ate while unpacking the dishwasher.




At 8.20am I headed off to the school.


It was busier than I’d expected, probably because of school photos next week.


After I was finished I headed to Aldi. I haven’t shopped here in over a year so it was interesting to see what new stuff they had.


I was especially happy at the price of the almonds. I usually pay around $17 per kilo and we go through heaps!!!


Of course, I couldn’t get many of my groceries here, but I did better than expected,


so next I headed over to Woolworth, just a few minutes drive away. Actually I could walk there quicker than I could drive. I was excited to see all these new teas… but I didn’t buy any.




And check out the size of these packets of clinkers. You’ll be pleased to know I didn’t buy any :-). They might be my fav. candy but they are chock full of nasties!




I was so tired by the time I reached check out….




and felt I deserved a yummy watermelon smoothie from Wendy’s.




I bought one for Amy as well and got the groceries into the back of the car.



Back home I found some guilty puppies….


Not quite the welcome home I had expected. And I know Bailey was the ringleader.


I quickly filmed the cold stuff for my grocery haul and got it put away.



Then I made a cup of tea and put my feet for a few minutes before making lunch for both Amy and myself. Mine was the pita bread with cheese, hummus, tomato and lettuce.


I got the rest of the groceries filmed and put away and before I knew it was 3pm and time to go get Christy from school (Thanks to Debbie for picking up this mistake :-)). Back home I retreated to the lounge again as I was exhausted.


Shortly afterwards Nan & Pop came over for a visit and chat.


Then it was time to make a start on dinner.



While it was cooking I made up rolls for Kevin & Amy’s lunch tomorrow.


Kevin arrived home about 5.30pm with a gift from Germany – a prize I had won in a YouTube giveaway.


I rarely enter online competitions so when I do you know it’s something I REALLY want to win…. in this case some German chocolate!!! Thanks so much Constanze.


Time for dinner. Tonight we had mandarin soy pieces with brown rice – a really old family favourite (I used to make it with chicken which means I’ve been making this for more than 9 years!!!)


Finally it was time to get into my jammies (one of my favourite parts of the day) and watch some TV with Kevin.


We also watched a documentary on vikings while enjoying some strawberries with cream. Amy joined us but mainly read fan fiction on her ipad.


Around 9pm we headed up to bed and I managed to read a few blogs before falling asleep.

2 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – Wed 28th Aug, 2013

  1. What a busy day Libby, I really enjoyed that documentary on the Vikings, it was very interesting. Your dinner sounds very nice.

  2. Hi Libby 🙂 First up I have to say the black and grey colours of your top really suit you. Neutrals can often be the most flattering to our skin tones. Also I can highly recommend the Tetley steamed green teabags with ginger from amongst the teas in your photo, I have been having mine with Manuka honey and I love it. Enjoy the rest of the evening. P.S. What can you say about those pups? Guilty as! 🙂

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