Kitchen Declutter and Spring Clean


Well, it’s that time again when I needed to declutter and spring clean the kitchen. If you’d like to see the process you can check out my videos. It took me a good week and half working on just a few cupboards at a time, as time allowed.

I totally forgot to take photos of the before, except for the pantry…. and I’m not even sure you see much difference in the photos.



I’m really happy with the finished project, but unfortunately it hasn’t stayed looking quite this way… not surprising when so many meals and snacks are prepared here each day :-).



3 thoughts on “Kitchen Declutter and Spring Clean

  1. Looks so clean and organised Libby. It’s a job I badly need to do, but keep putting off. Your kitchen is still one of my very favourites that I have seen. Still love the openness of it and the gorgeous colour. Every time I see your kitchen it makes me wonder if I could paint my cabinets, but it just seems too overwhelming a job, and too big a risk if I mucked it up.

  2. I too love your kitchen, I really enjoyed the videos and it has pushed me into action to clean out my cupboards.

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