The Week that was … ending 8th Sept, 2013

It was the week of lovely weather and daily walks to the lake….


though on Saturday you couldn’t see the other side due to smoke haze from burning off….


and the was the week I got to plant-sit Mum’s gorgeous orchids while she is in hospital….


It was the week Chrsity had a trial day at the Montessori High School and came home with this…


and it was the week we got the fantastic news that she has been accepted into the school.

It was the week I was good and resisted buying some of these ornaments (like I normally do every year)….


and it was the week it was warm enough for Christy and Hanna to enjoy the first swim of the season….



which meant it was the week the whole family pitched in to give our outdoor area it’s Spring clean….


It was the week I bought Amy some much needed new pillows for her bed and was impressed to find this stamped onto the pillow….


Much improved…I hate to think how old her old pillows were….


It was the week we had to vote…. this time at a nearby church instead of the school…



Which meant we got to have an explore around the grave yard….




It was the week Mum went to hospital to have a brain tumor removed. She was up in Sydney which meant we only got to go and visit on the weekend. Thankfully everything went well and she is recovering nicely….


It was the week of seeing new growth on trees….


and it was the week Amy added some piercings to her ear….


It was the week Christy cooked a batch of choc chip cookies all by herself… some for us, some to take to school to share with friends….


It was the week of Lovely by Natio….


And the week  of a selfie with my girl….


5 thoughts on “The Week that was … ending 8th Sept, 2013

  1. So glad your mums operation went well. Tess went to Montessori from 2 1/2 to grade 1. Loved every thing about Montessori Unfortunately Tess needed routine and was not a self starter lol so had to take her out and the fact it was a hundred km round trip. I was really sad that Tess had to leave

  2. Hi Libby,
    So glad to hear your Mum is ok. That must have been a really worrying time for you all. She does have the most beautiful orchids doesn’t she. How fabulous Christy getting into a Montessori HS. I used to be the Director at a Montessori Pre- School at Castle Hill in Sydney so I know how great they are. Love Montessori principles. Isn’t it wonderful to see and hear the kids in the pool again. We had Rhianna’s friends over on the weekend and it was lovely hearing the squealing as they dived into the cold water for the first time.

  3. I’m glad our high school only allows one ear piercing. I have 3 holes in each ear and wish I had never had it done, as later on you outgrow it and it looks tacky, I still have the scars though 🙁 That orchid colour is gorgeous though! Glad your Mum is on the mend. Handy her living next-door for you to keep an eye on her.

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