Christy’s Birthday week

If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you will already know that this week we celebrated Christy’s 12th Birthday.

The big day started with presents in our bed (a tradition she was still keen to maintain).


Her big present this year was getting her room renovated but you still need to have some presents to unwrap on the day.


Breakfast of pancakes was kindly made by Amy.


As was the cake to take to school, with both girls helping with the decorating.


That night we were joined by Nan (just back from hospital) and Pop for a dinner of Christy’s fav foods – Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, cheesy cauliflower bake and corn.


Then another cake made by Amy..this time chocolate mud cake.



Then on the weekend she celebrated with her friends. Firstly at the roller skating rink.


Love this action shot of Christy doing the limbo – she actually got out on this round.


Having a rest, and a chat.



Back at our place they headed into the pool for a swim.


Then it was time for the lunch, that Amy had prepared. And I’ve only just realized that in ALL the birthday photos, there is not ONE of Amy – and she did so much of the work. She does appear in the day in the life video however :-).


I wasn’t going to buy balloons, but she really wanted them.


It was so lovely that she got to celebrate the day with her 3 best friends, 2 of whom stayed for a sleepover.




Amy did such an amazing job organising all the food, including making sandwiches, Anzac cookies, chocolate truffles, butterfly cakes and this delicious birthday cake. I think she was all cooked out by the end of it.


The girls spent the afternoon playing. We order takeaway pizza for dinner. Amy, Kevin & I got to relax and watch TV. The next day I made them pancakes for breakfast and they played and swam until the Powell’s arrived for lunch. It was a very fun weekend but I definitely need a quieter week after the last one :-).

4 thoughts on “Christy’s Birthday week

  1. Happy Birthday Christy! Libby, I love your china plates with the purple flowers. I am a big fan of China and a bit of a collector, I have never seen this pattern before, do tell: brand and design if you can, I think they are adorable!
    thanks for sharing all that you do, it’s always fun to read and watch.
    PS: my 11 yo son is addicted to Mincraft!

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