The week that was….ending 22nd Sept, 2013

It was a rather busy last week of the school term and it was the week of lovely skies….


and some stunning sunrises….


It was the week of a lovely walk with Christy and the pups….


and the week of looking from the outside in…


It was the week of a trip to the garden center to buy plants and vegetable seedlings…





It was the week both girls got hair cuts. Amy’s was rather dramatic but I think it really suits her. Don’t mind the drawings on her face :-)….


It was the week Kevin tried to fix our internet problems… yep, need 3 laptops for that job….


and it was the week he lit a fire over our tree stump in an effort to remove it… it’s didn’t work….


It was the week I spotted this gorgeous cooler bag in Coles and just had to have it. For $2 it made me VERY happy….


and it was the week I visited with Charlie outside….


It was the week Christy made some choc chip cookies. It takes her FOREVER,  but they always taste great…..


and it was the week I laughed when I realized where I had placed some after lunch treats for our guests – Nan, Pop & Granny….


It was the week of lots of this for Kevin…..


and the week I spent too many hours in the garden on Saturday. Luckily Dad helped me weed (see above as to why Kevin didn’t) as it took over an hour with the two of us working. But in the end we turned this….


into this…


The girls helped with the planting, and Kevin went to buy the mulch, so it was a real family affair. I was absolutely shattered afterwards (due to my arthritis) but I can’t wait till we can enjoy some of the bounty…..


It was the week of pink nails…


then back to blue post gardening….


And it was the week of the couch hog…..


2 thoughts on “The week that was….ending 22nd Sept, 2013

  1. Hi Libby 🙂 You bought some lovely plants. Look forward to seeing them in their new home. Very pretty blue polish. You enjoy your family holiday 🙂

  2. Hi Libby,
    Wow you guys have been busy. i love that pic of you and Christy walking the dogs. The two of you look so alike in that photo. Enjoy the hols.

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