Day 2 in Sydney – Shopping & water fun

After a slow start to the morning we packed up and left the hotel about 8.45am, heading back to Westfield Burwood. Unfortunately we managed to get a bit of traffic.


Loved this fuzzy helmet we saw on the way.


Even with the traffic it only took 15 mins to reach the shopping center.


First stop was Gloria Jeans for some breakfast. I had a spinach roll and shared an iced chocolate with Christy.


We loved with the little logo on the table.


Then it was time for shopping, starting with Typo. I think I’m going to have to get those flamingo folders – they are too cute.


And I wish I had somewhere to put this print. It’s just so perfect.


We also visited Target, the Dollar Store (where we got some Halloween goodies) and some other stores.


Amy got some soup from Pie Face for her lunch (she wasn’t feeling the best) before we left to drop her off at day 2 of the study course. Then Christy and I headed over to the Sydney Aquatic Center.

Christy went off to have lots of fun. It was REALLY busy – we’ve never been during school holidays before, and noisy.



I sat upstairs, where it was a bit calmer. I enjoyed the noodles I had bought for lunch, read magazines, people watched, and even had a little snooze when the hot air made me all sleepy :-).


At 4pm we left and headed back to pick up Amy (who had met a follow Dan & Phil lover) and headed back home. It had been a long day and I was exhausted (I think because of having to concentrate in all the traffic).


If you want to see more of our adventure (including what we bought) be sure to check out my vlogs.