Catching Up & Moving forward

Instead of doing a few “week that was posts” I’m going to do a bit of a catch up post.

I was a very good Mum and took Amy to a metal core concert to see two of her favourite bands. Of Mice & Men (which I can’t stand) and Bring me the horizon (which I quite like). I can honestly say never in a million years would I have have thought I’d like metalcore/screamo – but it’s very slowly grown on me as I’ve heard Amy playing it around the house.


I went with her because even though I did lots of research, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. But any worries I had were unnecessary. The group of kids  (teens to mid-twenties mainly) were really nice, well behaved. It did get a bit rough in the mosh pit, as you’d expect, but that’s why Amy was required to be in a seat (Mum’s rule and the Horden’s recommendation). Amy was quite relieved to find she wasn’t the only one with a parent in tow. She did have a friend going with her, but she wasn’t allowed to go at the last minute. Overall it was a good night (thanks to my earplugs) and I’m glad I got to experience this with Amy.





Amy also her hair cut and coloured – suits her so much.


After a fun week at Kiama we returned back to our walks at the lake.



Last Thursday we went really early – before 6am, before the sun was up, and before the temperature rose to 37C (96F)!!!! Crazy! It’s only October.


With Amy back at Drama lessons Christy had dinner in front of the TV while we watched some Supernanny.



I seem to be at the shops a lot lately, which has meant too many trips to Gloria Jeans.


Big W has this great Halloween display and a small amount of Halloween goodies. Still nothing compared to the USA though :-(.


I had to laugh when I came across this sign in a shop.



I finally made a start on decluttering and reoganising my study/multipurpose room.



Some bonding between Rosie and Christy.


I got my first Fab box from Lust Have It – and I LOVE it!


Can’t wait to make something from my new wholefood baking book.


I have fallen in love with this perfume – Killer Queen by Katy Perry. It’s top of my Christmas wish list.


I haven’t bought fresh flowers for a long time but I treated myself to this delightful bunch.

IMG_6039.jpg IMG_6041.JPG

So, there you are. Up to date with recent events in my life. Unfortunately I’ve been pretty crook the last few days, fighting another sinus infection.

So, moving forward… I’m still unsure what direction to take the blog in. Obviously it’s been very neglected since I started vlogging. I even gave serious thought to ending my blog but I really do enjoy looking back on it myself and seeing what I was doing a year ago, three years ago. Something that is a lot harder to do in vlogs. Plus I really don’t want to abandon those of you who only read my blog, and don’t watch my YouTube channel – which I understand is a lot of more time intensive. So what to do?

I’m going back to what I did when I started blogging and do a more current blog post, possibly just sharing photos and news from the day before. Some days there might be nothing to share, some days I might have a lot, some days I might just share my thoughts on something, a recipe, organisation, etc. We’ll see. It will probably take me some time to get back in the habit of photographing more throughout the day. Hopefully this new strategy will work and you will all like it. Please feel free to give me feedback or let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like me to do a blog post on. I’m really hoping by keeping it more current I’ll be more excited to post and share with you all. This should also mean you see a blog post from me MOST days of the week :-). And you know what?  I’m actually excited about getting back to into it again.

10 thoughts on “Catching Up & Moving forward

  1. Oh yes we often have screamo music in this house, Tess went and saw the same two bands a couple of weeks ago. She loves both of them. Please tell Amy her hair looks fabulous and it really suits her. I have to catch up with your vlogs sometimes I have to space them out as we use up our download lol I do still love reading your blog 🙂

  2. I love Amy’s hair, I’d really miss your blog if you stopped and I like reading anything you post 🙂

  3. Can we have another update on your mum…is she doing well. I am really just amazed that she is walking around with part of her skull missing!

    Jody xx

    ps: keep on blogging 🙂

  4. Libby, I’m glad you’ll be posting more often too. I forget to check youtube and often don’t have the time to watch anyway, but I always check your blog to see how you’re going.

    Love Amy’s hair. You’re a great Mum for going to the concert with her.

  5. Hi Libby, I am in teh same boat, I used to have a blog reserved strictly to family members (it requires a sign in) and I had it running for 7 years, I have not posted anything there since I became involved with MGC blog and vlog…it’s hard to do everything, so I thought I might as well kind of combine everything into MGC and while it may not all be organization and cleaning related, I believe that readers who come often want to see the human side of us our families and the way we live etc. I know I enjoy that in otehr bloggers. I liked the format of the last post, because it’s not always that we have stuff to report and making a weekly commitment can be hard. That being said, what I have been trying to do lately is create a post that accompanies the video, so that folks can see close ups of some of teh things I am talking about in the videos. It would be nice if I d remember to take my camera with me all the time though. I also use the blog for reviews I don’t fo (yet) on youtube.
    In any event, let me just say this: you take amazing photos and I always like looking at your blog. So my answer to the question “what to do” for me, it would be more in line with keeping the blog but doing more of the format from this last post, kind of a recap of the most important stuff. I personally miss my old blog and have been thinking about scheduling myself to once again attend to it since it is about our boys and we re missing one year’s worth of pictures at the moment…
    so much to do, so much to show, we ladies need 26 hours per day!

  6. I am so impressed that you went to the concert! I remember going with my little brother to one quite a few years ago now – and it was CRAZY! Not my style, but fun nonetheless 🙂

    ps – please keep blogging! I love hearing all about your adventures !!!

  7. Hi again 🙂 Always love to see your photos of the lake. You always take beautiful shots Libby.
    Also loved the last shot of the flower. The pink flowers and the green stripes on the jug look lovely together.

  8. P.S. Totally agree with Sophia. The blog is a great showcase for your photography Libby 🙂

  9. your blog has always been a favorite of mine to read – it’s great reading what life is like on the other side of the world, and you and your family always seem to have great adventures, whether it’s traveling the world or going to concerts. please keep blogging!

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