I made a new friend


Still under the weather and today started with an early (8am) doctors apt. But not for me, Amy needed a referral for her neuro-opthomologist, whom we are seeing on Thursday. Afterwards we had breakfast at the cafe under the medical center. I actually wasn’t going to have anything until I spotted this cauliflower, leek and cheese pie, which I thought sounded really interested. It was indeed rather yummy, but an odd choice for breakfast.


The apt was made earlier so Amy could go to school afterwards but I seemed to have past on the cold/sore throat that I had last week so she was off sick. When we got home I found this note from Christy. “Charlie” is our budgie.


So I headed back out the local pet supply store. I also took Rosie and got her a new halti and the new toys you saw on yesterdays post. AND, I made a new friend.


This little goat was the friendliest, cutest thing. I fed him some grass and he was so gentle. I REALLY wanted to bring him home with me :-).


This afternoon I tried the new Chai tea I bought last week because everytime I opened the tea cupboard it smelt AMAZING. Tasted amazing too. Definitely one of the best chai teas I’ve tried. I love that it’s grown in Australia as it means I don’t have to worry if it’s fair trade or not.


For some reason Rosie decided to take a nap under my desk.


Today we headed back to the swim center as Christy is keen to have swimming lessons again.  Seemed funny being back. We where there every week for over 12 years but it’s been a couple of years now.



One thought on “I made a new friend

  1. hi Libby
    i love that goat, sooo cute. i must try that chai tea out. I hope its available at coles or woolies? Rhianna just started squad training this term. She is swimming three afternoons a week for an hour. makes her sleep like a baby and I can see her fitness improving rapidly. Im also getting in and doing a few laps. I did 16 yesterday. Unfortunately the scales haven’t moves an inch.

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