Best ever vegetable pie


Today started with another early morning as I had to take Amy for a trial day at the Montessori High School as she also keen to attend next year. After dropping her off I took the pups to the vets. They are all healthy but have gained a few kilos since their last visit.


After the vets I had to visit the Corrimal Bakery, which was just a 5min drive…


Because they sell THE BEST vegetable pies ever. I love that it’s full of mashed potato, and with only a pastry bottom they probably aren’t “too” bad for you. So it was an easy dinner for me tonight.


We’ve been playing card games after dinner and tonight it was “spoons” – my first time playing this, can’t say I liked it that much but it was okay.


Now that we’ve finished Breaking Bad, we are watching Vikings. I painted my nails while we watched.


Other highlights today include my new wifi connection just for my youtube. Don’t I have the best hubby? All our connections are called piggy so guess what it’s called? 🙂


Christy came home with this cute drawing today.


And I’m happy to report that Amy thoroughly enjoyed her day at Montessori, and is excited to attend next year.

5 thoughts on “Best ever vegetable pie

  1. Ive just started the Breaking Bad series and am loving it so far. So many people had recommended it, I thought I had better have a look. I have never heard of the game, Spoons. we have been teaching Rhianna gin rummy which she loves. have a great weekend and stay safe in these fires.

  2. I love Montessori , Tess started there at 2 1/2yrs old until 6, unfortunately it wasnt suited to her she wasn’t a self motivated learner and needed a lot of structure I was so sad she couldnt continue there.

  3. I wanted my boys to go to Montessori but they did not offer aftercare and it was cost prohibitive for us to have babysitting from 3 to 6 PM everyday… I hope she enjoys it, I love their system. Nail polish is gorgeous, I am really into a purple phase lately from shadows to polish…As for the doggies, I had the beagle on the scale yesterday and he needs to lose 15LBS which is quite a few kilos as well…I don’t even know where to start to get him to shed that. Let me know what you do with your pups. Sophia.

  4. Hi Libby. The vege pie is making me realise it’s lunch time 🙂 Lovely neat job on your nails. I wish I could be so neat. Have an awesome weekend.

  5. Sounds like a great day and that pie looks soo good. With the Montesori high school in australia do you have had prior Montesori education?

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