An unexpected visitor

Today started with another lovely walk. It was a lot warmer today and there were LOTS of flies (I assume due to the hot weather we’ve been having).


I switched over Christy’s bedding to her Summer bedspread.



Today was a home day, so no make up. I still make sure to take care of my skin though.


Hubby to the rescue again. I was starting to have problems with the screen on my camera, so Kevin provided me with a new one. Not my favourite colour but I least a have a working camera for my photos and vlogs.


I spent most of the morning working in my office (still need to work out what I’m going to call it but office sounds fitting). I think I probably just need one more session and it will all be done. Yay!


Christy was home sick and was kind enough to sew a button on Amy’s school shirt.


I had an unexpected visitor today. Leanne was coming down to Wollongong and was kind enough to drop by with the Halloween candles I had ordered from Partylite. She was able to stay for some lunch and tea and we had a lovely catch up (without interuptions from hubbies or kids 🙂 ).


I’m so happy with all the candles I got. I’ll share them all next week when I do a Halloween Decor tour but I just wanted to share this fragrance warmer & candle/melt. The wax was a fluero yellow (which seemed odd) but it melts to be a glowing green. Just brilliant!! Smells devine too :-).

IMG_7076.jpg IMG_6909.jpg

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  1. Debbie says:

    Sounds like a lovely day – A good reminder when I am home for the day i must remember to still look after my skin – i love the glowing green colour of the melt.

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