Converted bananas


Another gorgeous morning walk. I will stop with the sunrise photos (or at least slow down), I promise. When I got back Kevin was kind enough to help me put lots of rubbish (from my study declutter) in the bins. As you can see he really took to the task. I honestly don’t know how he made it into the bin. I was certain he was going to come tumbling down – which is why I had the camera ready :-).


I visited an old friend. It was good to get re-aquainted :-).


And I get to enjoy a nice view while I workout, which is an added bonus.

I had a big morning in the kitchen. I cooked baked pumpkin, carmalized onions, prepared 3 salads (one for me today, and one each for Amy & I tomorrow), made corn chowder and converted this bunch of sad looking bananas….


Into this…. banana coconut muffins and healthy banana nut muffins.


While I cooked I was watching YouTube and one of the girls I watch gave her dogs a carrot, so I decided to do the same. Bailey loved it. Rosie wouldn’t take it from me.


When Kevin arrived home he came with a delivery of the new Lust Have it box. Can’t say I was that impressed this month, but the box is SOOO cute. It will make a great gift box if I just put a sticker over the logo. Or I might come up with a use for it in the home.


I’ve really enjoyed getting subscription boxes of late. Do you subscribe to any? I get the Lust have it, the Eco box and Fab box all from Lust have it, and the No Tox Box (which is fabulous).

4 thoughts on “Converted bananas

  1. It s funny you re mentioning your subscription boxes, I was just doing a video on one of mine. I have two, which I do not know whether you could receive in Australia: birchbox and the other one is EcoEmi. Borchbox is all skincare and cosmetics – most of the times high end stuff. And EcoEmi which is my favorite, is all organic, vegan and cruelty free products ranging from skincare to food items. I like the monthly subscriptions, but like you, sometimes I feel that they can be a hit or miss.
    BTW, love the first picture in this post. You are very talented.

  2. Hi Libby,
    I have not commented for a while but I do read every post. i love the idea of giving the pups carrots. Will try it with Finn today and see if he likes it too. Hope you are enjoying this lovely weather. I have started using my treadmill again and I’m also swimming laps at the local pool. i’m increasing every day and am now swimming 20 laps about 3 times a week. of course I’m not losing weight but I just feel really well and happy which is really the point isn’t it?

  3. Libby, I might have to take out my small camera with me when i start walking earlier to see what i can see when the sun rises. That photo of Kevin in the rubbish bin just cracked me up. With our bananas we make a clean eating desert or treat when we’ve done lots of baking and feel like somethign different. We cut them in half and freeze them and them dip them in melted dark chocolate and then back on a tray or plate with baking paper and freeze and very good and yummy. we use either a 75% dark chocolate or a well naturally chocolate sweetned with stevia. Now the other night i made a brown rice/quiona fried rice type dish with marinated tofu and an egg on top and wondered if you wanted the recipie made me think of you when we had it.

  4. Loved that photo Libby 🙂 You have had lots of beautiful sunrise shots, but that is one of my favourites. Never get tired of seeing them. Our dogs love apples 🙂

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