Basketball season begins

Once again the day started with a walk to the lake. However, today it was a bit later (it was cool out this morning) and I had Kevin with me.


We let the dogs off for a run and they chased the swans away.


Back home I decided it was time they had a bath.

IMG_6991.JPG IMG_7105.jpg

Then I helped Kevin finish off the cable room. It was in desperate need of a good declutter and tidy (which you will know if you saw the vlog on the 22nd). Such an improvement. And now I don’t have to worry about injuring myself when I go in there.

IMG_7111.jpg IMG_7112.jpg

For an afternoon snack I made some kale chips. Love that the girls really enjoy these.


It was the best day outside.


So I took the dogs out for a brush and foot fur trim (which was well overdue).



Then I sat out in the pavilion for a while working on my Germany photo book (yep, still working on that !!!!)


Then tonight was the first home game of the basketball season.


And it was a special one for the Hawks who celebrated 1000 games.


They also retired the jersey of my fav player ever – Melvin Thomas.

IMG_7151.JPG  IMG_7157.JPG


I was very excited to find baked sweet potatoes on offer for dinner. Much yummier than the salad wrap I am usually stuck with.


We had some unusual and funny entertainment tonight.


And best of all we won. Yay!


Kevin came with me tonight as the girls were having dinner at Nan’s. Christy is my usual basketball partner as Kevin really isn’t very interested any more, but he was good enough to come with me. We had to pick up our tickets and I didn’t want any hassles.

Do you have any events you attend without your partners? In addition to the basketball, I sometimes attend concerts on my own, though nowadays one of the girls might come with me.


  1. Debbie says:

    Sounds like a lovely day. When i watched Wednesday’s vlog yesterday i just had to show Richard as we have cords like that but in our celining/storage area and also looked a bit like my BIL’s room which Richard has been working on. He had a good chuckle and could def relate to kevin. The basketball sounds great.

  2. Deidre says:

    Congrats on your home game win Libby 🙂 Love the shot of Rosie and her pink toy. Very precious. Have a great and positive week 🙂

  3. Jackie says:

    Good on Kevin, yep I do go to sporting events without Tony although he will come with me if I ask him. He hates cricket so I usually go with a good friend of ours James who is a cricket tragic and his family. James and I used to go to football matches to. Tony has been known to sneak to a state of origin without me, we dont even watch the game together at home me being NSW and him QLD. Now the girls are older we are starting to go out together more but still often go our separate ways as we are so opposite. He goes racing on his own a lot Lucy goes but I usually stay home to look after the dogs but was thinking after this last weekend of racing Im going to make more of an effort next year as I really miss it I used to navigate for him which I loved but havent for years.

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