Trick or Treat


Happy Halloween. Hope those of you that celebrate had a great night.


My day started like all others of late, with a lovely sunrise walk. Since Christy was at Montessori this week she was able to wear a Halloween t-shirt to school.


And for a surprise, everyone (except me) got some chocolates in their lunch.


Not to worry, I bought these two goodies for myself yesterday. The owl cup holder was from Typo and the Flamingo mug from Big W. Love them both so much!!!


As you can see the veggie garden has started to take off. I think I might even be able to pick some of these lettuces next week.


The girls had friends over this afternoon, and had fun making some cupcakes.


Before getting dressed up to go trick or treating. Amy is a member of the Black Parade (from a song by My Chemical Romance) and Christy is someone from Monster High.

IMG_7060.jpg Christy (Monster High) IMG_7252.JPG

After an hour out collecting lollies & chocolates (and an orange) they returned home and finished decorating the cupcakes.


They turned out so cute.


After the guests left and Amy (with Kevin) headed out to drama, I turned off the lights so I could enjoy my Halloween candles.

IMG_7077.jpg IMG_7079.jpg

IMG_7080.jpg IMG_7266.jpg

If you want to see a full Halloween House Tour please check out the video below.

Do you decorate for Halloween or go Trick or Treating?


3 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. Looks like an awesome day and I just love all your decorations. We don’t go Trick or Treating but I have slowly this year inspired by you started putting a few pieces out to decorate the house and a little outside. I made up some halloween inspired trail mix bags for people that i knew were coming over for deliveries or the family that were doing some school pick up and drop offs for us.

    I love those “mummy” cupcakes I must find a icing nosle that will let us do that. I especially like your Party Light is it a hurricane candle holder with all the eyes over it. All the girls and their friends looked like they had fun.

  2. Hi Libby,
    Hopefully you saw my trick or Treat posts on FB. I love those Lindt chocolates. How cute. I also nearly bought that owl cup from Typo. Sometimes when I read your posts, I’m sure we are twins seperated at birth 🙂 My very first tomato plant has just started to fruit. I am so excited. Rhianna really liked Christy’s outfit. Can I ask where you got the stockings? we’d love a pair for next year.

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