The week that was

Okay, it’s been a crazy busy week, with another one coming up, so I thought I’d do a “week that was” post. Hope you don’t mind.

It was the week of lots of lovely early morning walks, except for the two days that it rained…

IMG_7204.JPG IMG_7297.jpg


It was the week I finally found some time to sit out by the pool and soak up some rays….


and enjoy my daily salad….


It was the week I had Christy home sick again, and not one, but two visits to the doctors…


Thankfully we finally have a doctor (our usual doc is overseas) who said “something is wrong. We need to find out what it is” and ordered some different tests.


It was the week I bought this cute flamingo top (after an online friend told me about it)….


And it was the week I saw this crazy fact….just 40 days till Christmas!!!….


It was the week I did some multi-tasking – youtube and my momento album…


and it was the week Amy & I went up to Sydney to visit with my Mum, who is back in hospital and not doing well.


It was the week of a side trip over to Bondi to get some cute Christmas stockings….


We also got to visit Typo…


and I found the canvas I had been looking for, but was no longer available at my local typo. Love it!!


It was the week I noticed all the shopping centers were all decorated for Christmas…


and it was the week Rosie enjoyed her first cup of tea. It had gone cold so Kevin gave some to Rosie – she loved it!!!!


Would you like some more puppy photos?



This is Bailey’s “please take me in the car” face…


5 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Hi again Libby 🙂 Of course…we always want more puppy photos. Baily’s face…priceless. As always I am thinking of you all and your Mum.
    I hope something jumps out in the tests Christie had, so you can finally get her back to good health. I’ve no doubt she is worried sick about your Mum. They seem especially close.
    Thanks for the photo catch up Libby. I can’t wait to visit TYPO in the new year. I hope they still have the woodland theme going then….LOVE IT 🙂
    Look after yourself and keep going well on the path you are on.

  2. Hi Libby, your photos from your early morning walks are stunning. Hoping there is improvement for your Mum day by day. Also hoping you get some answers about Christy soon, it must be very worrying. Haha I saw that very same flamingo top last week when I had to take one of my elderly clients shopping, told me flamingo’s weren’t really her thing! Top looks good on you though. Love the puppy photos as always and Bailey’s face – what a character! Take care, and don’t forget to look after yourself in this difficult time 🙂

  3. Hi Libby,
    Love this post. It must be a worrying time with your Mum not well and Christy undiognosed. I hope that blood test reveals some answers. i love the pics of the dogs. they really do have the most expressive faces. I really love Typo, it has some great gifts and they are so reasonably priced. have you started your Xmas shopping yet? What are your girls asking for?

  4. Hi Libby – It sure sounds like it has been a crazy week for you and your family. Hope things start to look a little brighter for you all soon. take care xx

  5. HI Libby hope your mum is doing better and that you will get some news with Christy’s blood tests. Love your morning photos they are stunning

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