Catching up….



As usual the week was full of lots of lovely walks to the lake. One day I went at 5.30am so was able to enjoy a stunning sunrise.


We also had a lot of rain this week, which was great for the veggie garden.


Christy was still home sick. But we finally got an answer what is wrong with her and she has now started on anti-biotics.


There was a dentist visit for all of us. Amy came out the best, with Christy coming in second. She does have a hole in one tooth, but it’s a baby tooth that will fall out soon.


There was a trip out along my favourite road to drive along.



Where I pulled over I even managed to find a thistle. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one here in Australia!



The destination on this drive was to pick up more uniforms for the kindy fittings we did this week.


On Friday it was back to the doctors for Christy as a follow up to see how she’s doing to repeat some tests.


Finally by the end of the week I found signs she was starting to feel better.


The pups scored big time when I found some out of date meat when I was cleaning out Mum’s fridge for her.


And Bailey disgraced himself when he (with Rosie’s help) ate a whole packed of biscuits.



And when e got home on Satuday (blog post to come) they had dug up part of my veggie garden – luckily it was the one part with hardly any plants (I think I only lost 1 or 2).

One thought on “Catching up….

  1. Hi Libby,
    So glad to hear that Christy is doing better. Yes, the rain is great for the garden but I’ve had enough now 🙂 I just took Rhianna to the dentist and she has the same result as Christy, a hole in a baby tooth. Hopefully it will fall out soon. Love those pups and the mischief they get up too.

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