Last day of craziness….hopefully…

Thursday was hopefully the last day that would crazy busy for some time. The last few weeks have been far too hectic for me and I’ve missed being at home, and hanging out with my pups.


As most days, it began with a morning walk.


I then went to the chiropractor as I’ve had a sore back for some time now (mainly first thing in the morning but it’s been getting worse). I then had to get my groceries and attend to various other jobs. Later I had to pick up Amy from her drama rehearsal, then take Christy to swimming, then take Amy back into Wollongong for her drama performance. I was in & out the house for hours!!! Being that it had been such a busy and crazy day we decided to have a quick dinner out before the show (Amy had to be there an hour early). We opted for yummy Mexican and I had a lovely quesadilla..


On the back of the theatre there is a lot of street art so we took so we took some time to admire it. Hopefully in the school holidays we’ll get to go and see the rest that has been put up as part of the Wollongong Wonderwalls Festival.



IMG_7458.jpg IMG_7459.jpg

Then it was time to sit and relax and enjoy Amy’s drama performance.


Though I didn’t understand much of what was going on, it was great seeing all the kids up on stage. And, of course, we thought Amy did an amazing job.



  1. Vanessa says:

    Hi Libby. So happy you are posting more. that quesadilla looks divine. have you done a christmas tour of your home yet? i might have missed it. i love seeing how you decorate your home. Are you and the girls planning a trip up to Wet and Wild yet?

  2. Kez says:

    I think our craziness is just beginning – I looked at my calendar for next week and we are out every single day. Which does not work well for me!

    Love the artwork and well done to Amy!

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