Canberra Getaway – Day 1

Kevin and I shared our 21st Wedding Anniversay last Thurday (a fact we both forgot until later in the day). There was no celebrating on the day but my Mum & Dad had treated us to a weekend away in Canberra (with no kids!!!!).

Even though Kevin had the day off work, I didn’t stress about leaving the house early. Instead we had a relaxed morning and took our time getting organised.


Why is it that it takes so much to get organised for a weekend away? It would be much easier if I wasn’t wanting to take healthy food away to eat. Anyway, eventually we got the car packed and I got a cup of tea to have in the car and we headed off about 10am.


It was a gorgeous day for the 3 hour drive to Canberra. Though it was sad seeing all these burnt trees from the fires a few months ago.


Lake George – I always love driving past here. I’ve never seen water in it (not since I was a kid) but Kevin reckons he has. Apparently it’s an underground lake.


Do you like the cute Deavondale truck?.


We stopped at Goulburn to have lunch at the bakery. We often stop here as they do have great pies.


My veggie pie was delicious.


We also went across to the big merino to pick up some gifts. Finally we arrived in Canberra and at the home of Lisa from Bake Bike Blog. We’ve met in real-life a couple times now but it was our first time visiting her gorgeous home (which seems different from in photos) and meeting Charlotte (who was much tinier than I had expected). We had a cuppa and a chat and a really lovely visit. And I got the best cuddle from Charlotte when we left.


From Lisa’s we drove to our accommodation – the East Hotel.




We are super impressed with the hotel – and such a great price for the high level of accommodation. We got a one bedroom apartment – which is HUGE!! It’s safe to say we will definitely stay here again.






Kevin was especially excited to find chocolate freckles for free in the lobby. It’s the little things you know? 🙂 In my sugar eating days I would have loved the jaffas (but I’m not longer interested in sweet things).


After we got settled into our room we headed back into the city to the Canberra Center.


Where we did a spot of shopping – Typo…


The Apple store….


I love all the decorations in the center. Definitely makes you feel festive.




We got very excited to find this fair trade chocolate shop. Kevin bought up big…


but I just got one of the milk orange chocolates. It was delicious and I was more than satisfied with one.


We really didn’t buy a lot, even in Wheel & Barrow where I usually find something I have to have. But I was excited to see Ivy Larson’s Clean Cuisine book – it’s the first time I’ve seen in Australia.  Ivy’s chia cookies, that my family are addicted too and we make ALL the time, are from this book.


After shopping we had dinner at Wagamama’s and decided to share 3 dishes. Everything was delicious.


Then it was time to head back to our apartment, after a lovely first day of our little getaway.





3 thoughts on “Canberra Getaway – Day 1

  1. Hi Libby,
    We just recently had a couple of days get away in Canberra. Its a nice place to visit isn’t it? i just have to say how much I love your blue handbag. I am very envious. Also I just spotted somethhing in your Typo picture that would be an excellent christmas present for somebody I have to buy for so thank you for that pic. And I’ll have to remember that hotel for next time I am down there. we stayed in the Novotel which was nice too but your room was so big.

  2. Hi Libby – I just spent the last weekend in Canberra too. Not as exciting for me though, I spent most of the time at the AIS pool, as they were both swimming in a carnival there. Your accommodation looks great!

  3. Hi again Libby 🙂 Your apartment was lovely. Really nice of your Mum and Dad to shout you such an Anniversary gift. You know, there is one problem watching you shopping…I start chomping at the bit to get away somewhere decent myself to do some shopping 🙂 Oh well, will be able to in a just over a couple of weeks. Bye for now.

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