Christmas Eve 2013


As usual we celebrated Christmas Eve with the Powells & Nan & Pop. But Bailey made a new friend when some old family friends called by to visit Nan.


It was a very casual and relaxed afternoon/evening.


Amy & Sarah had fun dressing up Erica and photographing her.


IMG_9228.jpg IMG_9231.jpg

They then put all the photos together. She looks like a proper model and much too grown up. I thought Amy & Sarah did a great job with the styling and photography.


Nan had some quality cuddle time with Rosie.


Since I was doing vlogmas I didn’t get as many photographs as normal but I did manage to get one with Leanne, which we always do.


There was plenty of yummy food.



Alyssa & Christy braved the cooler weather and had a swim.


And, of course, there were presents to be opened.


And what a treat – the sky was amazing this evening.


Lastly, after our friends had left, my final step of the evening was putting out the box of quality street chocolates.


They “almost” look too good to eat :-).


I have been celebrating with friends on Christmas Eve ever since I was a child. Do you do anything special on Christmas Eve? Any traditions you partake in?

If you’d like to see more of our day please check out the video.

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  1. Hi Libby, I know this is late, but I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and I pray that the New year brings you all lots of happiness. I’ve been enjoying watching your you tube videos.

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