Nelson Bay – Snorkeling Fail


I was awake at 3.30am and got up about 3.50am, when I realized I wasn’t going back to sleep. I didn’t go for my morning walk today but I did finally manage to actually spot the kookaburras we had been hearing all week.

Today Christy really wanted to do some snorkelling so we went around to Shoal Bay.


We couldn’t get parked near the rocks so we had to hike up the beach.



Unfortunately it didn’t really look safe enough for Christy to snorkel on her own.


But another man was in, so she went in where he was. She only saw one school of fish that swam away when she got near. So it was a bit of a fail. Plus her finns are a bit small and hurt her toes :-(.


So it was back up the beach to our “base” where Nan was. We sat for a bit, enjoying the sunshine & view.


We went home via the bakery to buy lunch, but I just made myself a salad when I got back.


After lunch I showered & changed before Athena & I went into Nelson Bay (town) to do some shopping. We didn’t buy much but I picked up a few things (shown in the vlog). We also stopped at Gloria’s for afternoon tea.



I did some reading in the afternoon, and had another snooze. I must have been really out as I didn’t even hear Christy come in to get changed for a swim. I guess I was up since 3.30am!!!

Didn’t tonight was a BBQ cooked by Pop. It might not look the most appetising, but it tasted good.


After dinner there was a game of Tribe with Pop & Amy, before heading to bed about 9.30pm.

I didn’t seem to take a lot of photos today but you can always see more in the daily video.