Nelson Bay to Home

One last lovely walk…

IMG_0259.JPG IMG_0261.JPG



all the way to Dutchie’s Beach and back.


I was too early for Baker’s Delight so had to drive back in to get Christy her cheese rolls when they were ready.


Then it was time to finish packing, say goodbye to our lovely apartment and head on home.


But first we had to stop and buy strawberries & cherries and then watermelon…



and a pumpkin…


Of course we had to make our usual stop at Oliver’s.


This place is so me.


I had a vegetarian wrap – just a half serve which was the perfect amount.


We had to make a detour on the way home to get petrol and it was over 40 deg when we got out of the car. Thankfully it was just on 30 deg when we made it home. So good to see the pups again. I always miss them.


There was some happy mail as well. I had to order this book from the UK as I couldn’t get it on my kindle (though luckily the next books in the series are).


And a little present to myself from Lorna Jane for doing so well with my eating and exercise over the Christmas season.


After doing some unpacking and organising, it was nice to sit and relax with a cup of tea and a muffin from Olivers while watching some YouTube (after a week of watching not one single video).


One thought on “Nelson Bay to Home

  1. Hi Libby, looks like you had a great holiday and Nelson Bay looks so pretty. What do you think of the planner and book from Lorna Jane? The last two times we have been up to Perth we have gone into her store as Megan wanted to buy some more work-out clothes and I looked at them both and was going to get them and then put them back down. Both times! Bet the pups were very glad to see you 🙂

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