Weekend fun


The weekend started with a stunning sunset. I’m sure it happens quite often but we don’t see it from our home.


But this Friday night we were headed out to see an amateur production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Athena was watching with a friend (another had been planing to join them), so Kevin, Christy and I had to sit away from the, :-). It was a really good show but the theatre was very hot and crowded.


Then on Saturday afternoon Kevin & I took Athena and a different friend up to Sydney to see BriBry (an Irish Youtuber) at the Metro Theatre. Kevin dropped us off and went to park in the QVB. I escorted the girls to the venue and then went to meet him.


I haven’t been into the city for some time and had forgotten how busy and crowded it is, esp. on a Saturday evening.


The shops were only open for an hour so we didn’t do a lot of shopping, but we did visit Haigh’s Chocolate Shop (which we both love).




After we checked out some more shops we found the Palace Tea Room.


How gorgeous is this place?


It was just perfect as I just wanted somewhere quiet and comfy to sit for a bit and enjoy some tea. The hour or so spent walking around had worn me out (not surprising I guess when I’ve been on the couch for most of the last 7 weeks).


The place was a bit on the pricey side (for us) so we just ordered a drink and some scones (which was perfect as we were having dinner with the girls after their concert).


I absolutely fell in love with the tablewear. It’s Wedgewood Butterfly Bloom. Super expensive (I looked it up when we got home) but maybe one day I’ll start a collection (but only if it’s on sale!!).


The tea and scones were delicious. And Kevin was very happy with his latte.



We lingered here as long as we could (the seats were so comfy) and then found a Gloria Jeans just near the theatre to wait for the girls.


I think we were here about 1.5 hrs. I know I got a sore bum due to the hard seats :-). I caught up on the Iditarod, read blogs (something I rarely find time to do these days but really enjoy when I do) and later on, when my stomach was empty again, I got an iced chocolate (mainly because I felt guilty taking up a table, even though there were plenty available).


The girls met us about 8pm and we went to Wagamama’s for some dinner. This wasn’t really the greatest idea as it was so late, the girls were tired and Kevin & I past eating. Instead of getting a full meal we just shared some appetisers, which was the perfect thing to do as we didn’t leave feeling overfull.




It was about 10.30pm when we got home and we were thankful that it wasn’t a terribly late night.

Sunday was a jammie day but unfortunately I was feeling really bad again and spent all day (literally) on the couch :-(. Oh, well, at least I was good when it really mattered.