First visit to Costco


At the end of June I finally had a few good days and was able to organise a day with Leanne for my first visit to Costco. I was rather nervous, thinking that it might be busy and I therefore wouldn’t enjoy it.


I couldn’t have been more wrong though as it was nice and quiet. We arrived right at 12pm on a Friday.. not sure if that made the difference or not.


I also didn’t expect to buy very much, and while there was a LOT of junk food, there was actually a surprising amount of good food as well. So, I ended up with a carboot full and a bill for $600 :-).


I was vlogging while there so didn’t get a lot of photos but if you want to hear about/see more of our visit please watch the video below.

I also filmed a haul to share what I bought. I had such a good day and can’t wait to go back again one day soon.