In the Kitchen (October)

We started trying to eat a more plant based diet, which has meant buying lots of fruit and veggies.


While most weekdays I enjoy a homemade salad, it’s nice to sometimes have takeaway.


Farm fresh strawberries from Leanne.


There was the start of a kitchen declutter.

  IMG_7650.jpg  IMG_7648.jpg IMG_7651.jpg

Athena made a Halloween Brownie cake for dessert with friends.


And made me my first ever sushi. Actually she made us a virtual bento box (miso soup & salad in background). It was SOOOO good.


There were two trips to Costco, which made for a very cluttered kitchen while I filmed my grocery hauls.



There was soup x 2.


And lots of baking.





One thought on “In the Kitchen (October)

  1. Hi Libby,
    Enjoy your utube Chanel.
    Was trying to send a msg from there to you but it came up on my screen that the address was a phishing one. Not sure if you have been hacked. It happened to my mum and dad.
    Sorry to hear about your fibro. I have it too, so as you were talking about your symptoms, I wasn’t surprised to hear your diagnosis 🙁
    I had lots of side effects from Lyrica. It made me feel drunk and just awful. So talk to your dr about your symptoms ( some of them at least) being related.
    I’m also a vego so enjoy your segments on those things.
    All the best with your progress 🙂 x

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