Christmas Cruise – Day 3


Managed to sleep in to 6.30am – which means I got 6 hours sleep but it also missed the sunrise :-(.  Around 8.30am Athena, Nan & Pop arrived (Christy was still asleep) and we went for breakfast in the Dining Room. We had a porthole view but it was pretty salted up so you couldn’t see out too much. I had Eggs Benedict with no bacon (Kevin & Athena had the same with bacon). It was rather nice.

After breakfast we headed to the theatre for the Captain’s talk about the revitalisation project the ship has just been through. Absolutely amazing what they can do in just 4 weeks, even with 3,100 people working on it!!


From here we walked outside (where it was rather blustery)…
to the High Notes Lounge where we did some origami. It was pretty busy so hard to see what we had to do. Don’t think it was the best location for it, and like trivia – it was overcrowded. Still, I manage to make this heart.
There was more to be made but we gave up at this point, finished our drinks and decided to have an early lunch. On our way Athena & Christy turned up – having spotted us from their room :-). Even though it was 12.30pm and everyone (on board) seemed to have had late breakfasts, we couldn’t get a table Windjammers (again). Johnny Rockets was the next choice, but we couldn’t get a table there till 1.30pm, so it was back to the Dining Room, where we still had to line up to get into. Not sure if this normal on a sold out cruise or because of the number of kids/families on board, but we’ve NEVER experienced anything like it (this is our 10th cruise). And we’ve overheard a few other people make the same comment. Something has definitely gone wrong. Even on the Disney cruise (which was full of kids) we never had this problem of finding somewhere to eat. Moving along… lunch was delicious.

I had mushroom soup and a salad (made at the salad bar)…


and polenta cake…

After lunch we went back our cabins for a bit of rest time ie. Kevin’s sleep time.


Around 3pm I thought I was falling asleep reading so decided to get some sleep as well. Not even 10mins later Athena turned up our room, and Christy shortly afterwards.. So I suggested we go to Windjammers for an afternoon snack and going to the game room to play some games. Pop came with us, leaving Kevin to sleep and Nan to rest. Food was more meal-like than afternoon tea-like so I had a roll with some cheese. Unfortunately there were no free tables in the game room so we just came back to our cabin where we played go fish and then euchre.


We were lucky tonight and had the show BEFORE dinner. So at 6.15 we headed to the theatre with Christy, Nan & Pop (Athena wanted to have a bath before heading to teen club). We got some seats near the front (but had to move due to incredibly noisy kids in front of us) and ordered some drinks. We’ve noticed that they with the new drink packages, drink staff seem to have reduced in number, so now I could no longer get a frozen cocktail in the theater (like I have always done before). Instead I got bought a bottle of water, which I thought to be an odd substitute !! Kevin ended up going to get me a Sprite from the bar.


Tonights show was amazing – like we always find them to be. And Nan & Pop really enjoyed it. I think Nan is finally starting to find her sea legs (she’s not been feeling the best) and starting to understand the joys of cruising.


After the show we walked along an outside deck and hung out the cafe chatting before it was time to go to dinner.


We’ve now gotten used to our late dinners, we don’t mind eating so late. Dinner tonight was artichoke & eggplant tart…


bread rolls…of course….


and soft shells tortillas…


All of which was delicious, but there was no room for dessert tonight. We appreciated being able to have an early night and were asleep by 10pm.

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  1. What a shame about the meal times and tables….I wonder if they have reduced the amount of tables and staff in the refurb…..hopefully it will sort itself out quickly….

  2. Thanks for making it seem like we’re on the cruise with you all. Hope you continue having a lovely time.

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