Lunch out and crazy weather


Early mornings are always such a special time of day, and even though I haven’t yet been feeling up a walk, I can still enjoy seeing the day get brighter and the birds beginning their day.



Nan felt like French toast so I made that for breakfast.


But I had a bowl of my fav. cereal, then just one slice of French toast.


After a slow morning we went out to pick up a few things at the shops, and to try and get a camera charger (as I had forgotten mine). No luck, but at least I’ve still got my phone and GoPro.


We headed to the harbour for lunch and decided on Cafe on the Bay.




I ordered the bruschetta and it was delicious. We all really enjoyed our lunch.


We then did a little bit of shopping. Christy got some new shorts.


We had a bit of time before her booking for the Thunder Raft, so we went to Aqua Blue. Nan ordered Christy this Rocky Road cheesecake, but she didn’t want it. I had a taste and it was delicious, but very rich.


I really enjoyed my very decadent Iced Chocolate.


As we waited we could see the clouds rolling in. We then found out her trip had been put back an hour so we went for a little drive out to Shoal Bay…


and came back to the apartment. Pop offered to take Christy back down as my feet were very swollen and sore again.


Not even 20 mins later the rain had stopped and the clouds had rolled on by…


Perfect timing for Christy’s ride.


She enjoyed it but said it was a bit too rough and she had to hold on really tight.


Hoping to try and rest my legs, I went to lie on my bed and do some blog reading.


Dinner for me was a cheese & salad wrap, enjoyed out on our veranda.

To see more of the day please watch my vlog :

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  1. Vicki says:

    Hi Libby, just wandering if you had thought of going on. Carnival Oz cruise? We have done a couple and they are excellent for families

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