Birthday Celebrations


This years birthday celebrations started a little early with a lovely lunch of Thai at Mum & Dad’s.



Followed by birthday cake.



Yum !!


On my actual birthday I unfortunately had a bad migraine. But it was relieved somewhat with the arrival of these beautiful flowers – a lovely gift from my parents.


From the one bunch I was able to get 3 vases – which meant I could spread them around.


Then for lunch Athena & I met Mel and Kevin at Au Lac – my fav. Vegan Vietnamese restaurant.



As always everything was delicious, and it was nice to catch up with Mel before Athena & I had to head off to an appointment.


Later in the afternoon Mum & Dad came over with some gifts. My main present from them is a ticket to see Robbie Wlliams, but I scored a few extras. Plus gifts from my Granny & my Aunties.


And they bought me another cake. The same as we had on the weekend since it’s my fav.


Then to finish off my birthday – no cooking dinner – instead we got takeaway pizza. Yum !!


3 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations

  1. Hi Libby,

    Love your channel. Just noticed that your dogs are looking unwell. From being a dog owner, I can tell this from their coats having become thinner (in your winter) and they’re sleeping too much (possible iron deficiency).
    I hope they’re okay.

    Take care,

  2. Thanks for your comment and concern. It is only Rosie’s coat that has become thinner (though she has always had not a lot of fur for a Goldie). Their diets haven’t changed at all and they have always slept a lot. Luckily they are going to the Vets for their annual check very soon so I’ll be sure to ask for a blood test for Rosie.

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