A day in my life – 14th July, 2015

Silly me didn’t do the journaling for this post within a day or two of taking the photos, so now I’m hard pressed to remember the details. Of course, being July, the day started with me watching about 4 hours of the Tour de France, that I recorded during the night.


Bailey is my cycling buddy and lies beside me. When I get up, usually for another cup of tea, I cover him up with the blanket.


When the cycling finishes – usually around 9am, I head upstairs to make the bed and have a shower.


I was feeling ok today so decide to take the dogs on a walk – but only a short one (wheew I drive down to the lake rather than walk the whole way).


Such a gorgeous Winters Day.




Back home I finally had some breakfast of overnight oats.


Since I wasn’t feeling well enough to do a job like decluttering or cleaning I worked on finishing my family photobook for last year. My laptop is dying and I wanted to make sure it was finished and uploaded in case it was lost forever.


About 12.15pm I headed out, first to the shops, where I bought did a spot of browsing and got a subway wrap for lunch, then to my beauticians for a eyelash and eyebrow tinting and a lovely facial.


I then picked up Christy from school and headed home, where I watched some youtube before Athena made us tacos for dinner.


After dinner I watched some TV with Kevin and we headed up to bed around 9pm.


The dogs don’t come up on the bed every night but it was nice getting to have some cuddles with them as I read.