A Day in my Life – 14th March, 2016

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a day in my life blog post but I love seeing how my life has changed over the years (though these days it’s not necessarily for the better!!).

Being early March, my day started with catching up on what happened during the Iditarod overnight. It’s due to finish tomorrow night and is getting rather exciting.


Then it’s time to watch the cycling.


Since I was up early this morning I was able to see some of the lovely sunrise, but unfortunately I wasn’t feeling good enough to head out on a walk.


Athena and Kevin have headed up to Sydney for their driving test so I hung out the washing when it was ready.



I also had some breakfast, but I’m a bit out of practice with taking photos for blogging, so forget to get a pic. Athena, however, remembered to send me a pic :-).


After having a shower I worked on a vlog.


Nan & Pop offered to take Athena out for lunch to celebrate getting their Ps, so just after 12pm we headed into Wollongong. I haven’t been down that end of town for a while and was amazed at all the building that is going on.


When we got to the Indian place, it was closed, so Thee’s second choice was Thai.


Yet, again, bad on the photography front, but I did remember to get my meal, which was delicious.



After lunch Thee headed off to meet a friend, and I returned home with Nan & Pop, to two very excited pups.


Didn’t get much done for the remainder of the afternoon, but I did bring in the washing.


And go pick up Christy from school.


Time for the dogs to have their heartworm & flea/tick treatments.


With Athena going out for dinner, I decided to make Nachos for dinner, but it turns out that neither Kevin or I were that hungry and we unable to finish our bowls.


We watched some documentaries – this was “A walk through history” with Tony Robbins.


Then it was time to get the kitchen all clean and tidy and head up to bed to do some reading.