Day 7 – Outlet Mall & evening at the Magic Kingdom

Today was supposed to be a “rest” day so we had a relaxed morning. Everyone slept as long as they wanted (though I was up about 5am after a good 8 hours sleep),Kevin & Athena went on a Starbucks run, I cooked breakfast including some hash browns and we eventually headed out the door about 9.45 to do some shopping at the Outlet Mall.


Most of the shops we just weren’t interested in but we did visit Kippling (where the kids both got bags and I now regret not getting one), the Disney store (which I was dissapointed in but I guess it just depends what you’re looking for – Athena picked up a few things)…


and Build a bear – loved these cute reindeers…


There we a few other stores before we stopped for a break in the food court. I promptly spotted a sign for a peppermint bark iced choc. I LOVE these so much and we don’t get them in Australia.


I just wanted a small one but it’s probably a medium in Australian sizes so I only drank about half. It was so good.


We then went to sketchers, Forever 21 (where Thee got a few skirts), Crocs (where everyone but myself got some new shoes), Lane Byrant (where I made my first purchase of the day) and finally Bath & Body Works.


I was so excited and pleased to see that Peppermint Twist is still available and pretty much got one of everything in that range. We also got LOTS of the pocket backs – about 30 I think!!


Kevin was kind enough to help carry all the bags.


We left about 1.30pm happy with our purchases. I still can’t believe I bought so little – obviously my new minimism tendencies have stayed with me :-). I know just two years ago I would have bought a lot more things.

We decided to get a quick lunch at Taco Bell which was just across the road. Christy wasn’t feeling the best and we were all keen to get home and have a rest.


I had a vegetarian fiesta salad bowl – which was rather yummy – it had refried beans at the bottom.


Then it was back home to put our feet up for a bit. Kevin was the only one to have a snooze.

Then at 5pm we headed back out for an evening at the Magic Kingdom. We were parked WAY at the back of the lot so Christy and I caught the tram, while Kevin walked with Athena on the scooter.




Once again we caught the ferry across and it was lovely seeing the end of the day from the water with all the lights on.



By the time we entered the Magic Kingdom is was full dark.



and VERY busy.


Athena bought a purple Mickey balloon.


And we had our photo taken on Main Street.


We battled the crowds to the Jingle Cruise, which we thankfully had fast passes for.


Cute ride but it was rather hard to hear all the commentary.


With our next fast pass not until 9pm we decided to head over to Tomorrowland in search of burgers (Athena’s request) for dinner. On the way we got the see the transformed castle (we had been too late in arriving to see the Frozen Wishes show at 6.30pm).


Simply stunning.



There was an empty table outside Cosmic Rays which we were able to grab before pulling up the menu on the app and deciding what we wanted to eat. Kevin was then kind enough to go inside and order for everyone. I had the falafel burger (which was really rather yummy for a plain – just had falafel and tatziki on it – fast food burger). Kevin and Athena also had a burger and Christy just had fries.



It’s a Small World had a short wait and it’s one of our favs, so we headed over there to ride.




I don’t think this one ever gets old.


And we love how they know our names (well not Kevin’s). Kevin asked one of the cast members how it was done but the only answer given was “pixie dust” :-).


Mickey’s PhilharMagic also had a short wait. But I didn’t enjoy this as much as I had in the past. Not sure why really.


Athena couldn’t fit in this selfie so we just got their fingers.


Finally it was time we could ride Space Mountain. Athena had to transfer to a wheelchair but no-one warned us it was a LONG walk/push to the ride with uphill and downhill parts. On the downhill part the handle covers of the wheelchair started to come off and there was a bit of panic with trying to get the breaks on so Athena didn’t go hurtling down the ramp. Of course, this brought on a bit of an upset/panic attack. Luckily by the time it came to ride Athena had calmed down and was able to enjoy the ride. I must be getting old because I used to love this so much (dark roller coasters are my favs) but I found it jerky and not as enjoyable to ride.


The noise and crowds were having a big effect on Athena and they were in immense pain so we decided to head out before the fireworks. This meant we hit the crowds on main street but once cleared of the castle end it wasn’t too bad. Christy was in a bad mood at having the miss the fireworks, which meant we left the park with two rather unhappy teenagers. However things worked out and before we got on the ferry we realized we would have a reasonable view of the fireworks (without the crowds and noise) from outside the park. We could still hear the soundtrack and see of the show (just not the castle itself).





As always, the fireworks were incredible and I was happy we got the see them. And not have to deal with the crowds afterwards. So I said, everything worked out and we all got the ferry much happier. Though my feet were in a LOT of pain by now and I was worried about how I’d feel in the morning. It was another trip back across the lagoon looking at all the lights and the castle all lit up. Christy and I once again caught the tram but Athena and Kevin beat us back to the car this time. Then it was back home and swiftly into bed (though Kevin stayed up watching TV for a little while). I read till about 11pm due to being in pain but was eventually able to get to sleep.


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  1. I’m enjoying your pictures so much! You are having a great time I see. Kevin is such a gentleman carrying your bags. I’m glad you got to Bath & Body Works because I know how much you love it. I wish you weren’t in any pain at all. Thank you for sharing, Take Care. ✨

  2. Lovely photos. I shouldn’t have looked at these around lunch time cause all want now is a burger!!

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