Day 8 – Fibro Flare, Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

Unfortunately I was right with my prediction of how I would feel this morning and I woke with a lot of a body pain and a bad headache. I took my meds, turned off the lights and closed the blinds and hoped I’d improve. It was not to be though, so I opted to take a fibro time out for the morning.

Since it was the 1st December, Christy and Athena opened their Disney chocolate calendars that we had purchased from Goofy’s Candy Store.


The rest of the family decided to head back to the Animal Kingdom. Kevin and Athena both vlogged but as you can tell from the photo below Kevin had a few failed attempts – getting photos instead of video.


They did the safari we’d missed the other day.






Had Starbucks for breakfast…


Saw this cute squirrel…


Christy rode Expedition Everest 7 times as a single rider before starting to feel a little squimish. Athena and Kevin visited the Wilderness Explorer places and checked out more of Dinoland.

When they got back around 12.15pm we decided to go have lunch at one of the resort cafes and then have a swim. Christy stayed behind because she just wanted to rest. I still wasn’t feeling great but hoped getting out would see me improve. And it seemed to work.

This is the view we could have had if we were on the other side of the building.


Took some more photos today to show you the resort. Our building (no.5) is on the right. Last time we stayed in the one on the left.



We went to the Back Bay Bar & Grill (which is part of the hotel).


I had the Floridian Salad which was very yummy.


Kevin enjoyed a chicken & avocado melt but Athena found the wrap too spicy (with their funny tummy) so just ate the fries.


We stopped for a swing on the way back to the lazy river…


where we enjoyed floating around for a few laps…


Then it was back to our apartment where I showered and an hour or so later we headed to the Hollywood Studios. Knowing I wasn’t feeling great and due to visiting two parks in the same day, Kevin had bought the preferred parking (an extra $15) so we could park closer. Doing this they discovered we can just ask for medical parking since we have the scooter.


I love how this park looks, especially when it’s decorated for Christmas, but I did miss seeing Mickey’s sorcerers hat.



Since I still had a massive headache I opted not to ride Star Tours, which we had fast passes for. Kevin enjoyed it but the kids just said was okay and didn’t make any sense since they hadn’t seen all the Star Wars movies.


We then watch Muppet Vision in 3D, which I always enjoy.


And we loved this movie poster :-).


We then bought some Christmas decorations at a little Christmas shop. Love these themed shoes – so cute.


Kevin got a little bored (after picking out his Merida ornament) and went to wait outside.


From the moment we had entered the park Kevin had been going on about churros (having moved on from chocolate bananas) so was very happy when he finally got one. I had just got a refill of popcorn.


We then checked out some of the shops and admired the Christmas decorations.


Had some photos taken.


Thee was still in the shop when Christy jumped into our photo session.



I bought this Merida for Kevin’s birthday – we have a few pieces by Jim Shore and I love his style. I also got a Jack Skellington as Santa.


Then the moment we’d all been waiting for – it was time to ride the Tower of Terror.



Love that I caught this couple about to kiss in the lobby.


Such a fun ride. Another family fav.


Then it was time for Rock n Roller Coaster – which is my fav.


And it was just as fun as I remembered. And remains my fav :-).


Kevin got himself another churro and I opted to have a Mickey Pretzel. Not as good as I remembered (though I think the Wetzels Pretzels are the better ones) but I ate it all (with some help from Kevin) while we waited for Fantasmic. Unfortunately Kevin stole some before I could get a photo !!


We were seated in the back row right by the entrance but the view was still great (and it meant a quick easy getaway at the end). Of course, everyone was on their phones as we waited for the 15mins or so for the show to start. Do you like Christy’s new night ears?


Athena loved Fantasmic. Kevin and I enjoyed it but wouldn’t rave about it (but we’ve seen World of Colour so it’s hard for anything to live up to that).






On the way back to the car we stopped to admire the gorgeous Christmas tree all lit up.


Then it was back to our room for dinner and a brief relax before heading to bed around 9pm.

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  1. Sorry to hear you had a flare. Great pic Kevin took of the lions on the safari. I love the Jim Shore figure of Merida you purchased. Fantasmic! is a fav of mine but I haven’t seen World of Color. Great light up ears Christy! Glad you were able to enjoy most of the day.

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