Day 11 – Meeting Princesses at the Magic Kindgom

This morning it was back to the Magic Kingdom. We decided to get the monorail since we hadn’t been on it yet. I prefer the ferry but it’s fun the travel through the Contemporary Hotel.



We were behind the initial flurry up Main Street so I stopped to take a few photos of the castle (you can never have enough) …



On our way to meet some Princesses. We had planned to meet Cinderella but the line was already at 30min wait so we headed to Tiana and Rapunzel.


Tiana was lovely.



As was Rapunzel – who chatted to Athena about their bunny and how good he was at playing hide and seek (like her sidekick Pascal).



Just as we were leaving Rapunzel requested a hug from Athena. It’s been touching (and kind of amusing) how so many of the cast members see Athena on the scooter with their headphones on (to help with noise sensitivity), dressed in Athena’s quirky way¬† and assume they are mentally disabled.


From here we went to Enchanted Tales with Belle. It was pretty new last time we were here and the waits were always long so we had never seen it.


Belle’s house….


With the Beasts castle in the background…


Inside were photos and LOTS of books…


The “show” is a retelling of the Beauty and Beast story re-enacted with kids from the audience.


So cute. And the special effects in here are wonderful.


Athena did get a lovely photo with Belle (see above comments about cast members) but I can’t seem to get it upload into Flickr so I can share it here.


We had planned to meet Aerial next but again the line was too long. I think the park was more crowded than expected today as a lot of the wait times were longer than predicted. Kevin wasn’t feeling the best this morning so had headed back to Main Street to get a coffee and sit and read.


Time for Under the Sea. Cute ride but luckily we walked right on (after walking through the LONG queue line). Of course, afterwards I realized we had fast passes for this :-).


By now it was time for a break at Gaston’s Tavern.


We sat in a different side to last time and saw Gaston’s huge chair. Love all the details that Disney are so good at providing.


Christy and I opted for drinks while Athena enjoyed some of this Cinnamon Roll.


Time to check out Storybook Circus. I don’t really remember this but I’m sure we would have visited on our last trip.


I’m forever admiring and taking photos of all these amazing looking candy apples and cookies but I don’t think I could ever eat one as they look to nice to eat :-).


I finally got to get a photo of the Goldie that we had spotted this morning. So cute. And the first one we’ve seen since we left home. There are SO many service dogs in America – you really don’t see too many in Australia.


By now we were all feeling pretty hot and tired, and the park was getting more crowded, so we headed back towards Main Street to meet Kevin (after a detour to Tomorrowland in search of a top that Athena wanted) and checked out the shops on Main Street. We didn’t buy anything though.




After catching the monorail back to the Ticket and Transport Center we grabbed a wheelchair for Christy for the walk back to the car, as she’s been getting pains when trying to walk any faster than a snails pace. Hoping it will settle down as we still have quite a few park days ahead.


Back at the room Kevin promptly feel asleep, I made nachos for lunch and manage to shatter a glass dish after placing it on the granite counter (I assume because it was much cooler than the dish). I managed to save enough nachos for the kids and cooked myself an Amy’s meal after cleaning up as best I could.

Around 3pm we decided to get ready and head back to Typhoon Lagoon to use the lazy river and wave pool. This time Athena came with us. After a swim it was nice to sit and warm up in the sun. It had been a lot hotter today (around 30C) so the water wasn’t as warm (which is what you want). We also shared another funnel cake.



And I managed to get a photo of the water spurting out of the boat.


We left shortly before it closed at 5pm. Dinner tonight was some filled pasta.



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  1. Lana says:

    The princess meet and greets are always a lot of fun. The princesses are so sweet and friendly. I love Ariel’s Under the Sea attraction. Gaston’s cinnamon buns are so yummy. Great pics of the trip! Thanks for sharing.

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