USA trip : Day 14 – Back to Hollywood Studios and seeing Moana


This morning we were up and headed to Hollywood Studios about 8.30am. By the time we arrived the park was already open so once we’d gone through bag check and ticketing we headed straight to Toy Story Mania.



It said a standby time of 20mins but I think we only waited just over 10 mins.


It’s a fun ride but I still don’t get the mad obsession with it.


Kevin was happy to get the highest score of 139,000. Athena got 115,300 ; Christy 91,000 and, not surprisingly, I was last with 80,800.

Next we walked though One’s Man’s Dream, which I always like.



Then we checked out some shops – Christy later bought this Todd with a very long tail.


Athena did some pin trading.


Then it was fast pass time for the Tower of Terror.



Some people, won’t name names but I’m sure you can guess, wanted a snack from this shop.


Which he took to eat while waiting to see the Beauty and the Beast musical. I ate a banana and yesterdays popcorn :-).


Athena bought a candy apple which they shared with Kevin (after he’d eaten his carrot cake cookie.


The show was wonderful, as it always is. And we were in the front row (perks of having a scooter) so had a great view.




We then used our fast pass for Rock n Roller coaster. Still the coolest ride if you ask me.

We headed around to the Voyage of the Little Mermaid and saw that Princess Sophia had a short line so Athena went to meet her and get a photo.


Voyage of the Little Mermaid is so clever. Love all the puppets.




By now we were ready for lunch. We found a table and Kevin went to order for us again. Athena and I had baked potatoes – which as you can see were huge. I don’t think I even got through a half of it.

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 8.01.37 PM.jpg

Christy then headed off to do Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller coaster by herself. Athena went to meet Doc McStuffin and Kevin went to watch some Star Wars thing.


Then Athena and I went to watch the Disney Junior show (where Kevin joined us). Didn’t think I’d be back watching it again but Athena really wanted to see it.



Our only other goal today was to see the Frozen Singalong. On the way we saw the Storm Troopers marching by. We had seen them earlier and they must do this every hour or so. Loved the music they had playing.


We were lucky enough to get into the Frozen Singalong on stand-by.


Very cute show. We all really enjoyed it. Even if only some of us sang along :-).



We headed home about 4pm and it was nice to be able to put our feet up for a bit. Kevin and Athena had naps.

Around 6.30pm we headed to Disney Spring – with Kevin wearing his new lights (that he got after seeing his youtube girl-crush wearing one).


We ended up getting here later than planned and at the wrong end of Disney Springs, but were able to get a good view of the drone show. It was cute (and impressive that it is all drones) but not something you definitely must see.


We then got tickets to see Moana at the Dine In movie theatre.


We had a bit of time to kill so visited the Coke store to buy a present and Kevin posed for a photo (in a very strange position).


The theatre is VERY different to our Gold Class theatres in Australia. As you can see you have a table in front of you and a waiter who takes your order when you sit down. And a button you can press for service during the movie.





Christy had some fries, and a later a (huge) popcorn. Kevin and Athena had burgers and chips, and I got the quinoa burger which was delicious (and came with fruit I was too full to eat).

The movie was really good. Definitely well worth seeing. Athena and I (and maybe Christy) are planning to go again when it opens in Australia after Christmas. So cute. And the music is really awesome.

It was quite a late night and we didn’t get back until about 11pm.


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