Day 2 – Shopping at Town Square

Thankfully everyone had a great nights sleep. The bed and bedding is just glorious and I awoke free of back pain AND fibro pain !!! It was at 4am but that’s not usual for me and I felt so much better than I had yesterday.

I wrote up yesterdays blog post and tried (with great difficulty) to add photos. Kevin woke up about 6am and Christy at 8am when I woke her up. Breakfast for everyone was bagels. We then all got ready for our day out at Town Square.

Sadly when we arrived just after 10am, we discovered that the shops didn’t open till 11am. But luckily we found a coffee shop (Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) that was open. Kevin got a coffee and I got a lovely tea. Sadly I hadn’t thought to pack my Keep Cup, which meant I had to get a takeaway cup. I nearly didn’t get a tea but I really wanted one so I did – so glad too as it was delicious.

We enjoyed this outside, even though it was a bit on the chilly side (8-10C today) and enjoyed the local sparrows.

Just before 11am we saw that the doors to Sweet Bubble were open and promptly made our there thinking we’d be the first customers but there were already 2 people in there.

Kevin and I both love this store and were excited to take Christy there. We explored and sniffed and when one of the staff was free they showed us some of the new kits and products and we sniffed some more.

Not sure how long we spent here but we made some purchases, including some Christmas presents.

Our next stop was Paper Source – another store I have loved from past visits.

Christy having fun in Paper Source

We stopped for a little photo session by the Christmas tree.

By then we were getting a little hungry. Kevin & Christy wanted Loopy Fries for lunch. I had planned to have an eggplant dish from Panda Express but they didn’t have it so I was stuck eating loopy fries as well !!

Went then visited some more stores including Torrid where we picked out an Engagement dress for Christy (who has recently become engaged and her finances’ Dad is hosting a party for them while Christy is over here visiting).

By now we were getting rather tired and had sore feet so we headed to Wholefoods for a break and snack. Another tea for me and a vegan chocolate donut (love them but are rather glad I can’t get them in Australia !!). Then it was time to do a proper shop in Wholefoods – which was a lot more enjoyable today – despite the sore feet. We got plenty of snacks and enough meals for some lunches and a few dinners.

Then it was time to Uber back home – and as it was after 4pm (we had been here since 10am) it was getting dark already. We returned home tired but happy. It had been a really nice day as a little family and it’s really been nice getting to spend so much time with Christy.

We relaxed for a bit, I did a load of washing and continued battling photos for my blog. Kevin had a little nap. And we ended up having a late dinner around 8pm of some of the frozen meals we had bought today.

Finally headed to bed shortly after 9pm.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Shopping at Town Square

  1. Always enjoy getting a glimpse into American stores. They stock such different products and displays compared to what you see in Australia. Would love to spend time in a store like Paper Source as I am always drawn to anything stationery related.

    CONGRATULATIONS to Christy on her engagement.

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