Day 3

Well despite being awake at 4am it was a very lazy morning for myself. I FINALLY got my blog posts up (still not getting all the photos uploaded that I wanted to use) but enough to share in my posts. I also managed to finish off day 1 of vlogs. Kevin headed off to the conference at 8.30am and I woke Christy up about an hour later after I’d had my shower and gotten myself ready for the day.

Breakfast was another bagel (which will be a regular occurence while we are in the States). I also filmed a haul of what I bought yesterday – thinking it be easier doing it day by day instead of keeping it all till the end. It will also allow me to see better exactly how much I have bought :-).

Sadly just as it approached the time Christy and I were due to leave and meet Kevin, I started to get a headache – which developed into sore teeth and sore legs (so in other words a bit of a fibro flare). Instead of meeting Kevin I suggested he come back home and wait until I (hopefully) felt better. It was so strange to have had such a good morning and then this flare in the afternoon. Christy pointed out that it was probably due to the big day we’d had yesterday and she’s probably right as I definitely didn’t get the rest times during the day/activity that I normally try to have and totally forgot about all my own rules that I try to follow (oops).

I took some pain relief and ate my salad for lunch. I suggested Kevin go have a nap since he was very tired and eventually I found myself also nodding off so decided to join him. I slept for about an hour and this might have just done the trick as I felt an awful lot better when I woke up. Christy had happily kept herself entertained playing Minecraft on line for much of the day.

By now it was 4pm and the sun was starting to set (it sets at 4.30pm here in the Winter) and finally time to get dressed and head out.

We decided to just visit the Wynn, then have some dinner at the Fashion Mall food court before going over the road to Treasure Island to see Mystere.

Seemed a bit strange pulling up to the Wynn (since we stayed here as guests last year). The lobby is gorgeous but I must say I was little disappointed to find the exact same display – I thought they would change it up a little each year. I think Christy was most impressed with the curved escalator that leads to Parasol Down – so of course we took a ride down and back. Though Christy (18) is the legal drinking age in Australia she is not in the States.

After taking some photos we wondered outside – taking more photos.

Then headed across to the road to the food court. Finally I got to have my tofu/eggplant dish from Panda Express (though I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I remembered). Christy had some garlic bread and we had the fun experience of the guy refusing my $50 note because he wasn’t sure it was real !! He was nice about it though and just asked for another note – which I didn’t have but Kevin did. I then gave Kevin that $50 so I wouldn’t have to deal with that again.

We ate our dinner and then walked through the mall. Kevin and Christy visited Lolli & Pop along the way. I found the smell from the store way too sickly sweet so didn’t go in.

We also stopped in at CVS for a few supplies (like Milano cookies for Christy and Biscoffs for me).

I was so excited to see Mystere again as I’d love it so much last year. And it did not disappoint. I love Red bird and Yellow Bird, the teeterboard and tumbling. It’s such a happy and high energy show and one I highly recommend. Would definitely be a fabulous introduction to Cirque de Soleil.

As we were leaving the theatre Kevin got struck with excruciating back pain – so much that he was doubled over in pain. This came and went the whole way home until he got into bed – where thankfully it seemed to go away. Not sure if it was just some crazy back spasms (he’d been complaining of a sore back) or something more sinister like Kidney Stones (fingers crossed it’s the first one).

I wasn’t that tired when we got back to our room so I read till about 10pm before I fell asleep.